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Pet Funeral Flowers to Memorialize Fido

Funeral Flowers for Dogs and other Pets

Funeral flowers for Fido.

Whether it’s a dog, cat or bird, loosing a pet is like loosing a member of the family to most pet lovers. As with any loss, a funeral or memorial service can help ease the grieving process. Your pet’s memorial service can be as simple or elaborate as you would like, it’s all about helping you say goodbye to a close friend.

Dog Funeral Flowers

In the photo above, you can see this dog-owner’s florist has created a memorial tribute for their pup using more than just flowers. They’ve added layers of turf or grass, that we all know dogs love. Dog bones and tennis balls have been creatively added to remind it’s owner of better times. A large picture has also been included.

Why Pet Memorial Tributes?

During your pet’s memorial service, it’s important to share a few good memories of your departed friend. A floral tribute can make a somber occasion a more pleasant memory. No matter what your budget, your florist should be able to work with you to create the perfect sympathy arrangement for your pet.

Sending A Sympathy Arrangement for the Loss of a Pet

If you know someone who has recently lost a four-legged friend, why not send them a sympathy flower arrangement? It is customary when a person dies to send flowers to the grieving family. Loosing pet can sometimes cause as much grief as that of a family member. This simple gesture of support can mean so much.

Happily, no pets were harmed in the making of this post! The photo above is from the 2012 AIFD National Florist Symposium and is an example of a large-scale sympathy tribute to a special dog. These photos were provided by Lori Himes, AIFD florist from A’Bloom LTD in Walkersville, MD.



  1. David Miller says:

    I think pet cremation is becoming a widely adopted and dignified manner of memorializing a loved pet. The portability aspect is also nice in the event that you move, you don’t have to leave your pet and those memories buried in a former yard that you won’t be able to return.

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