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3 Plant Questions For The Expert

Ask The Plant Expert:

Hi again, my outdoor basils turned completely brown last week,with not a single green leaf on,is this normal?

Secondly, leaves of my indoor aucuba are droping one by one, from bottom to top, I keep it facing an eastern window.

Thirdly, I took my jasmine tree indoors in November. It is growing new leaves, but stems are becoming white or beige, they are loosing the green bark(coating), Thanx again. – Amjad

Flower Shop Network Plant Expert Reply:

1) Basil Issues: I know the temperatures in Jordan are around 55°  Fahrenheit (13° Celsius), but did your temperature drop below 50° Fahrenheit (10° Celsius) last week? If it did this could be the reason the basil is turning brown. Basil is susceptible to damage at low temperature.

Another issue could be the age of the plant. Many types of basil are annuals and have a short life cycle. If yours happens to be an annual type of basil and is quite old, the plant may be in a natural state of decline.

2) Aucuba Issues: As for the aucuba, it sounds like a water issue.  Check the moisture in the soil. Is it dry? increase the water. If the soil is soggy, check the plant for root rot. Keeping the soil too wet might have caused the roots to start decaying. If the root rot is the problem, snip off the unhealthy part of the roots and re-pot the plant. Make sure the container allows excess water to drain away from the plant.

3) Jasmine Tree: The jasmine sounds like it has chlorosis or root rot. How are you caring for the jasmine tree?

Hope this information is helpful.