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Plant Indentification – Plants from South Africa

Ask the Expert: Please, I need to know what kind of tree is this?

I found this small tree on our smallholding, near Bronkhorstspruit Gauteng, SA and would really like to know its name and origin. I have replanted it and it survived the transition very good. Please advice?!! Elzet

Possible Rhus leptodictya Possible Mountain Karee - Rhus leptodictya

Possible Sumac from South Africa


I am not an expert on South African plants, but if I had to make a logical guess – this looks similar to the Sumac grown in the United States. Sumac is in the Rhus genus; but as to what species, I am not sure. It could be:
Rhus cf.burchelli, Rhus chirindensis, Rhus dentata, Rhus glauca, Rhus laevigata, Rhus lancea, Rhus leptodictya, Rhus longispina, Rhus lucida, Rhus pyroides, Rhus tomentosa, Rhus undulata. New Plant Nursery is an indigenous plant wholesaler in South Africa, their site had some useful information.  If you want a more accurate identification you might contact your local garden center.  Rhus basically want a moist well drained soil and full sun.  Depending on the variety, they can be invasive.  Prune during their dormant season.

Ask the Expert: Please tell me the name of this tree?

These are small trees growing in my backyard and its growing very fast. It is not frost resistant and when one cuts it down, it grow new stems and becomes very bushy.  Please tell me how to care for them and what they’re called?  The bear small white flowers with green round fruits as a result. They are easily propagated via their stems.

Plant From South Africa


I can’t see enough of the picture to identify this plant.   Does this plant have a fragrance?