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What are these plants from the Vizcaya Gardens in Miami?

Ask the Expert: What are these plants?

I’m unsure as to what these plants are, one I believe is a sedum/sempervivum. They are both from Vizcaya Gardens in Miami. Also are the two plants which looking very similar the same? One was in the shade and one in the sun which could explain the difference in colour on the edges of the leaves. Emma

Plant Expert Reply:

The plants are all succulents. The first one is most likely a type of Crassula susannae from the Crassulaceae family . This particular succulent has a very thick tap root and prefers a light shade to full sun exposure. Full sun is needed part of the day to produce blooms, but the plant will need protection from intense sun exposure. It is a fairly drought tolerant plant.

Although I believe they are both the same type of plant, the other two are a little harder to identify. Since I can’t feel the thickness of the leaves through the photo, it could be one of two things. My first inclination is that they are a type of Kalanchoe thyrsiflora commonly known as Flapjacks or paddle plant. I grow this particular plant in my own garden and depending on the light exposure the color will change. In full sun it will tend to become red and in the shade it will stay green. On the other hand it could also be a Crassula ovata undulata commonly know as a Jade plant.

In the picture, the leaves seem to be more thin than thick. If this is true it is the Kalanchoe thyrsiflora. Either way it is a succulent that is heat and drought tolerant. It can be used in part sun to full sun and requires low to moderate watering. Because it is low maintenance (both indoors and out) it can be used as a houseplant, a potted plant or as a garden border.

I hope this information is helpful.

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