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Planting In An Enclosed Three Season Porch

Ask the Expert: finding plants for an inside garden
We have a garden on the porch which is an enclosed 3 season porch and we live in the NorthEast.  All the previous plants have either died or never flower anymore due to lack of sunlight (even though we have windows entirely around the porch) and we hand water the garden but we need to find plants that would be happy with a drier soil.  The garden has been filled nicely with good soil and was originally an outside garden before we enclosed the patio.  Any suggestions would be appreciated. Lora


I assume you want plants that will remain all year long.  This makes it a little more difficult, if the 3 season porch is not heated during the winter. If your garden has enough depth to it, you can plant the following: hosta, liriope spicata, english Ivy, pachysandra terminalis, vinca minor vines.  These plants will give you great foliage with staying power and some will even bloom. For more blooms try: aquilegia, astilbe, dianthus, spotted dead nettles, snowdrops, bleeding heart.  Most of these plants will tolerate low light and drier soil.

I would also try planting New Guinea impatiens, annual impatiens and begonias.  These should be fine for three out of the four seasons.

I recommend dropping by your local garden center and nursery (not a box store) and discussing this with them.  They are your best source for regional plants that will work with your situation.  In fact, I’m sure they will be able to suggested and provide plants that I may not be familiar with.

Good luck and keep me posted.  As you create your new garden I would love to see pictures and learn which plants you choose.

If you need a name of a reputable garden center in your area, let me know and I’ll try to help.


  1. Luke Yancey says:

    Planting a small garden on the porch is an excellent idea, and it adds a lot to home! The only thing I would recommend is being aware of your home’s location. My family used to have a lot of flowers on our deck growing up, and our property was infested with spiders. We eventually had to move all the flowers because they were attracting the spiders, which would then come into our home!