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Potting African Violets In Azalea Pots

Ask the Expert: How many African violets in a 8″ azalea pot?

I have some new plants that I have started, they are now in 4″ pots and ready to be planted; but don’t know how many to plant in the 8′ pot. I know they prefer to be root bound; and the azalea pots are the best for growing the african violets.

African VioletsAfrican Violets


  1. I usually only put one African Violet per pot. Although they like to be root bound they need good air circulation to avoid fungal problems and to assure proper watering. However, if you need to place more than one per pot you will need to follow the same basic rule as potting one. New pots need to be 1/3 of the diameter of the African Violets diameter. This seems contrary to normal plant pot sizing requirements and it is. But, African violets do not follow normal growing procedures. They like to be root bound and they don’t like soggy soil. By keeping the pot size at 1/3 of their diameter, you will have better control over the water and the African Violet will be more comfortable with the tightness of the pot. Azalea pots are fantastic for African Violets because they are more shallow than normal pots and this helps to create a root bound fit.

    To determine you diameter for multiple plants –

    Place the plants together with a slight space between leaves. It is important that the leaves do not touch each other. Now measure the diameter of the group of plants and reduce by 1/3rd. This will tell you what size you will need. It is ok to round the size up or down to find a standard pot size.

    You might want to read African Violet Care. It has some good tips in it.

  2. Sara, sent me this question Can I put two different colors of African Violets I have both pink and purple violets. Should I put just the one color in the pot or
    can I put one of each in the same pot.
    Everytime I have just seen the one color to the pot, but does it really matter if
    there’s two colors in the one pot.
    Thank you for your help.

    The answer to the questions is:
    As far as I know there isn’t a botanical reason for putting the same color in the pot. It is more of a personal preference. So by all means put the pink and purple together.

  3. Thank you for answering my email. The reason for the question, the florist here in town said that just wasnt done to put 2 different colors together. She didn’t know why, it just was not the thing to do.
    I remember my mother had many african violets and she had some of hers mixed, and had no problem. So the next best thing was to ask you and I knew you would know the answer.
    Sara Prewitt

  4. Sara,

    I found a picture of mixed potted African Violets in the Flower Shop Network’s Flower Gallery. I have inserted it above.

  5. If I’m using African violet soil and it already has perlite in it, how much Vermiculite should I use.
    Should it be 2 parts violet soil to 2 parts or less of vermiculite?
    Thank you for your help

  6. Sara,

    If you are using soil that is specifically label for African Violets, you don’t have to add anything. But if you feel like you must, I would add 3 parts African Violet soil to 1 part vermiculite.