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Powerful Flower Arrangements For The Feisty Leo

Born July 23rd through August 22nd, Leos are powerful and confident people who are the “fearless leader” of the group. Sincere and trustworthy, Leos are the premier leadership choice of the zodiac sign. Providing this kind of reliable guidance can take it out of someone very quickly. Though they like to be the center of attention, Leos need positive interaction and feedback from others. When buying a birthday gift for this fiery sign, fill their hearts with the affirmation and attention they crave by sending a zodiac-inspired flower arrangement.

Even the flowers represented by the Leo astrological sign scream “power!” The Venus fly trap is a carnivorous plant. I’ve yet to see more powerful foliage. Cactus and red hot poker need no explanation. These unique plants compliment the feisty side of your Leo. Sometimes the most amazing people are the ones that throw us for a loop. For a Leo with a softer side, contact your local florist for a flower arrangement made of peony, carnations, hibiscus, or anthuriums. You know your sweetheart better than anyone else so visit your local flower shop today for a treat that your honey is sure to adore!

Peony Flower Arrangement.jpg Powerful peonies flower arrangement for your Leo!


  1. ThePaganSun says:

    Awesome! One of the few sites that emphasize Leo’s fiery, aggressive and powerful side rather than the “warm and fluffy” side most wanna-be astrologers exaggerate. You’re amazing for remembering that Leo is a mighty lion!

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