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Promoting During Prom Season

First off, if you rely on teens to come by corsages at your store because you’re the only flower shop in town, you’re missing out on A LOT of opportunities. If these kids don’t know what is available to them, they won’t expect anything more than just a rose and ribbon for their wrist. Let’s make it our job as a florist to SHOW them what’s out there and exactly what we can do!

Our goal at prom season is, of course, to make money. The best way to make MORE money this prom season is by producing quality, creative designs girls will instantly fall in love with! Go the extra step to dazzle her with the details.

Ahh! Prom — Where do we begin?

Creative Prom CorsageThe key to creating the perfect corsage for a teen is by complementing their own, particular style and the dress they’ve picked out. This is a problem because, for the most part, the guy buys the corsage. Don’t be discouraged, with technology and teenagers today you can possibly get a picture of the dress in just a few minutes. If the mom of the boy calls ahead of time, ask her then to somehow send a picture of the dress in order to match the style and colors. Have the pictures sent through text or email them to the shop. Let them know it’s not necessary, but it is a way to get the very best results! It may be easy if her dress is black and white, but some colors are a little more fuzzy. Your idea of blue-green maybe totally different that someone else. The dress also gives you a good idea of the price point for the customer.

The next thing to consider is the style. Is the girl going for a classic, vintage look; perhaps it’s more of a playful, colorful look? She may be into a more edgier, Lady GaGa style. Whatever the look, have fun with it!! This is YOUR TIME to show your talents! Suggest flowers in complementary colors instead of perfect matches. The prom corsage should make the dress POP and really complete the over-all look! Don’t settle for just a rose-and-ribbon corsage when you can have so much more!

Extra Selling Points For Prom

Corsage Bar: A great way to spike your prom sales this season is with the new and popular Corsage Bar! Bring out all of your fantastic prom accessories, ribbon, and gems for display in a buffet-like setting. This allows corsage-buyers to pick and choose their favorite accents. Everyone loves customization, and allowing the customer to personalize their corsage their way, it really makes them feel even more connected to the design. As they are looking through your prom accessories, suggest interesting options that they might not think of that really work great with their look!

Body Flowers: Who’s to say flowers belong only on the wrists? We’ve seen prom flowers for the hair, prom flowers on the shoes, prom flower rings, over-the-shoulder flowers… the list goes on and on. This is another feature that depends on the style of the dress. If it’s short, make flowers for the shoes and ankles; is it off one shoulder? — adorn it with flowers! Remember to do everything tastefully and fashionably. We want them to look stylish, not decorated. Show them your talents for matching color and style, they won’t soon forget it!

Prom Corsage Alternatives and Extras

Beautiful Bouts: Boutonnieres can be just as fun and funky as corsages and body flowers! This can be the selling point to really get the guy’s mom into it. Show her masculine options to complement the date’s corsage.

Polka Dot Prom Corsage Polka Dot Prom

On Display: Pre-make a few creative and over-the-top styles. With all of the playful prom styles out this year, you’d be surprised what the teens go for! If you have a local formal-wear store in your town, call them to ask what styles and colors are most popular in your area. You might have to use silks to ensure they last through the prom season. If you can’t pre-make corsages for your store, create a prom inspiration flip-book with past designs, magazine clippings, printed pictures from the internet, etc. Remember, if they can’t see it, they won’t ask for it.

Promoting Prom In YOUR Store

Window Displays: Use your window displays! Be sure everyone knows you’re doing CUSTOM PROM CORSAGES all the way across the street! Window displays really are your time to shine! Have your own prom decor set up in the window! (Perfect place to use that old disco ball you’ve been saving!) A creative, hand-painted sign goes a long way. You might even partner with a local formal-wear retailer to set up a mannequin in your store with a prom dress on it, adorned with lovely prom accessories.

Facebook: Let’s face it, Facebook is where the teens are at! And that’s GREAT news for florists because Facebook is a FREE way to advertise. Announce specials and new products for prom. Comment as your page on local Facebook pages with offers and specials.

Facebook Photos: Create a prom photo album with pictures of corsages you’ve made, plus the accessories, ribbon and wristlets you have. Use your captions to really talk up the quality of your accessories and the ability to customize your corsage with any accessory the girl might want. This is a great way for the girl to point out to the guy exactly what she wants!

Facebook Events: Host a corsage making week to promote your corsage bar. Create a Facebook Event to really spread the word. Offer a discount to those who bring a friend.

Facebook Events - Prom Promotion

Videos: Check out this prom video made by one of our florist friends, MaryJane’s Flowers, Berlin NJ. She uses the website www.animoto.com to create 30 second slide shows. There are lots of slideshow makers out there, your camera software might even have one built in. Once saved upload to Facebook and/or YouTube to share with the world! (But especially your town!)

Good luck! If you try any of these ideas in your store, share your pictures with us in the comments below!

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