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Propagating Draceana Marginata

Red Margin Draceana

Red Margin Draceana

Ask the Expert: What type of Plant is this
I have had this plant for some time now and I would like to know what it is.  I am looking to see if I can possibly re-plant it shortening the trunks.  I don’t like how deadish it looks and so empty on the stalks. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Please let me know if you were able to view the pictures.  The top leaves seems to be healthy but the bottoms don’t seem as colorful.  Most are falling off dead.



What you have is a Draceana marginata also known as Madagascar Dragon tree or Red-edge Draceana.  You can shorten the plant and create new ones at the same time.  First cut the stems to the height that you want the plant to be and leave alone for a couple of days.  Then mist the air around the plant every few day. Make sure to water your plant as you always have.  In a few weeks the stems will put out new foliage.  In the meantime, you can take the tops that you cut off and dip them in rooting hormone and place them in a pot with moist soil.   Keep the soil moist but not soggy in a few weeks the plants will start to form new roots.

Good luck and keep me posted.


  1. Thanks for the information. What do you use to cut the stems? Any special type of soil for replanting?

  2. Lisa,

    I would use bypass pruners to cut them. You could use a real sharp knife, just make sure you have a smooth cut when finished. Use a good houseplant potting soil. We carry Baccto potting soil at our garden center but you can use any good peat based potting soil.

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