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Somewhere Over The Rainbow of Blooms Lies Your Next Gift Idea

I won’t deny it. I’m a huge fan of color in the things that surround me. Deep reds, bright blues, the shades of green that inspire me to shout, “Catch me lucky charms!” and nearly every vivid color in the rainbow thrills me to the core. Upon reflection, it’s probably this giddy effect that makes me love the “Rainbow of Blooms” arrangement almost to animated glee. Almost.

Rainbow of Blooms Arrangement Dance it up with the “Rainbow of Blooms” vase arrangement!

I seem to recall merrily making my way down the hallway after seeing the colorful way that delphinium, carnations, lilies, roses, and alstroemeria were designed together in the arrangement. It’s amazing! My love of carnations is by no means a secret but watch the hot pink carnations pop next to the striking blue delphinium or the yellow gerbera and roses. You’re very likely to do a dance yourself or give some lucky recipient a reason to cha-cha in their living room over your tender expression of affection.

It’s no surprise that someone familiar with the meanings of flower colors may become quite animated over the messages inside the “Rainbow of Blooms” arrangement. The yellow gerbera and roses express friendship and celebrate brilliance. The blue delphinium express peace, trust, and tranquility. Who wouldn’t want to know how comfortable you feel around them? The pink carnations are fun as they represent romance, sweetness and sincerity. Give her these and you won’t have to say “I love you and I mean it” because you are already saying it with flowers. The greatest of these is love. Sending flowers says, “I love you.” Sending flowers says, “I need you.” Sending flowers says it all.

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