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Is It Possible to Rejuvenate Lucky Bamboo?

Ask the Expert: Lucky Bamboo – Stalk turning yellow
My daughter’s “lucky bamboo” plant (about 2-3 years old) has started yellowing from the base upward. Leaves and upper stalk are stilll firm and green, but lower stalk is yellow and beginning to give under gentle pressure. Is there any way to save the plant? Can the top (apparently healthy) portion be removed and re-rooted; or can the lower portion be rejuvenated in some manner? I’m assuming the problem is our water source (water quality fluctuates and contains both salts and chlorine to varying degrees)–so will be changing the water supply and also increasing the plant’s light source. Joy

Flower Shop Network Plant Expert Reply:Yes and No. You will only be able to save the healthy green top – the bottom will need to be discarded.

Please read the article written about how to propagate lucky bamboo. In the article Jamie discusses where to cut your lucky bamboo and how to get it to produce roots thus giving you a new healthy lucky bamboo stalk.

However, don’t put it in too much light. Lucky bamboo prefers a indirect bright light. Too much direct light can also cause the lucky bamboo to yellow. As for water try using distilled water or bottled water. If you must use tap water, place the water in an open container for 24hours before you use it in the lucky bamboo container.

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