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Make Remembrance Day Special with Flowers

Remembrance Day is Tuesday November 11th, 2014! Originally began as a tribute to those who fell in WWI, it has grown into a memorial for all those who have died in armed conflict, both military and civilian. What better way to make the day special than with flowers?

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Floral Tradition

Flowers have long been a tradition in Canada’s Remembrance Day celebration, specifically the red poppy. This flower was adopted in 1921 as the “Remembrance Poppy”. And though artificial poppies are widely available, nothing beats the beauty and grace found in a fresh cut flower. You can walk into any flower shop in town and find a beautiful bloom to wear near your heart.

The poppy has also been incorporated into wreaths laid on the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier as part of the national Remembrance service, and recently spectators of the event have placed their own red poppies on the memorial after the service concludes.

Local Care

There are many ways to use the red poppy to commemorate the fallen, and your local florist knows them all. Whether making them the centerpiece of a gorgeous arrangement to decorate the home or as part of a bouquet to lay on a tomb, your local florist will make exactly what you want.

Is there someone special you want to honor? They can put together an arrangement specifically personalized to meet your needs.

Walk in the door of your local flower shop and see what your florist can do for you!

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