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Can You Revive A Yellow Lucky Bamboo Stalk?

Ask the Expert: Yellowing Bamboo Stalk
Hello. About a week ago, I bought 3 stalks of Bamboo. At the time they were all green and healthy. I put them by the window and I think I gave them too much sun. A few days ago, 2 of the stalks were turning yellow. I moved the stalks out of the direct light. I did some research and it said to pull the yellow stalks out and place in a glass of fresh clean water. I put each yellow stalk in separate glasses. The one stalk left (still in the vase) is completley green and looking healthy. The other 2 have gotten considerably yellower as the days have gone on. I read that you can cut the bamboo at the \”knuckle\” to let it regrow….but what if there is no green left on the stalk to cut? Is there anything I can do? I am attaching a picture of all 3 of them. Thank you. Jill

Flower Shop Network Plant Expert Reply:
Once a stalk has gone completely yellow, it usually dies. However, I can’t see the very bottom of the yellow stalks. Since you have nothing to lose, I would try to start new growth from the roots. Make the cut above one of the nodes closest to the roots. Of course this will give you a very short stalk, but at least it might survive.

To help you understand how to do this, read We are not always lucky with lucky bamboo. This post includes pictures and descriptions.


  1. I have heard that the chlorine and salts in tap water can do this and that you should only give your bamboo purified, bottled water. Seems to work for all the nail shops around here.

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