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Romantic Gestures for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is the perfect time for expressing your love. While flowers and balloons are a great way to show your feelings, there are plenty of other ways you can enjoy your day together! Here are some of our favorite ideas to celebrate Valentine’s Day.

Have A Movie Night

After dinner, spend the night at home and watch some of your favorite romantic movies, binge your favorite TV show, or find something new to watch. A night spent on the couch cuddling up with your loved one is romantic and a great way to make some memories with each other.

A Walk Through The Park

Picture this: clear night skies, a chill breeze, hand in hand with the one you love. Taking a stroll allows you to spend quality time with each other and have a great night of laughter and reminiscing. A park filled with lights creates a romantic atmosphere and makes for perfect pictures.


Visit a local winery and try some new wines with each other. Pick your favorite wine and buy a bottle to take home with you. This is a fun way to spend a night on the town and try something new! If you’re not into wine, find somewhere with sparkling water or ciders and try some different flavors you might enjoy. 

Play Hooky

Don’t tell your boss we gave you this idea! Plan a full day with your loved one by playing hooky! This is the perfect idea to sleep in and make breakfast in bed. You can also plan some fun activities in your area, like going bowling, to the movies, to an aquarium, or many other fun ideas. Spending a day together is a great way to show affection to one another.

Spend The Night In A Hotel

How about a getaway without going too far? Even if you stay in your hometown, staying in a hotel is the perfect way to get out of the house and spend a night together! Order some room service and relax with each other. Pack a bathing suit and spend some time in the heated pool or hot tub.

No matter what kind of Valentine’s Day activity you choose, make sure you have flowers on hand as a gift for your date! Your local florist will help you find the perfect ones that your special someone is sure to adore.

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