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Taking A Romantic Trip? Don’t Forget The Flowers!

It’s actually pretty common to take a romantic vacation for an anniversary but forget to pick up contact information for the local florists. However, Flower Shop Network is your help away from home when you find yourself in this situation.

Picture it. You find a luxury hotel resort and book a room. You step inside the doorway with your sweetheart and everything is gorgeous but one thing is missing — the flowers. Something just seems off, perhaps even a bit bleak compared to what you were expecting.

Now picture this scenario but imagine the room filled with fragrant flowers instead. Rose petals strewn across the bed and around a jacuzzi instantly stand out. A beautiful arrangement of anniversary flowers resides on a table next to the anniversary gift that you know will be a hit.

All of these and many other creative options are available thanks to a local florist. They are the away from home contacts that every romantic traveler needs to have. This is where Flower Shop Network makes it easy for you to quickly and easily find a florist in your area.

It is also helpful to ask that florist to contact the hotel management with ideas for decorating the hotel room. For instance, the florist and management can team up to create a fabulous atmosphere that really stands out. When your sweetheart enters the room, the first sights are of the rose petals strewn across the bed, flowers on the nightstand, candles and gifts surrounding the jacuzzi, and a scented gift basket resting in the counter for a soothing bath or massage. Such a romantic atmosphere awaits the two of you just thanks to the partnership between you, a local florist and the hotel manager.

It’s really that easy to design an impressive evening! Make the evening as perfect as possible. When this requires flowers (and it always does), be prepared thanks to help from a local florist.


  1. Romantic trips are not the only time you should have flowers waiting in a hotel room. When my husband and I were dating, I took a trip to DC with my aunt. He called a local florist and the hotel where I was staying and had a 1/2dozen roses waiting for me. That’s when I realized he was a keeper.

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