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Royal Flower Traditions

As you all may know, the #RoyalWedding was celebrated on May 19th! The world watched in awe as Prince Harry and the beautiful Meghan Markle tied the knot. Looking at the majestic floral archway at the entrance of St. George’s Chapel, got us thinking of all the floral traditions that come with the royal family. So, here are some of those traditions that have been brought to life by royal brides for centuries!


Photo Credit: Osborne House | English Heritage

It is tradition for the bride to carry a sprig of myrtle or to incorporate it in some way to the wedding bouquet. The myrtle is taken from Queen Victoria’s garden which dates back to the 19th century! How crazy is that!?


Queen Victoria’s daughter (Princess Victoria) was the first to walk down the aisle with a sprig of myrtle. Myrtle signifies good luck in love/marriage and prosperity. Perfectly fitting for this royal occasion!



This tradition first started in 1923 when Queen Mother married the Duke of York. Her flower bouquet was left at the tomb of her late brother, Fergus, who died during World War I. Princess Diana, the Duchess of Cambridge and Meghan, now Duchess of Sussex, all beautifully respected this tradition. Each made sure the bridal bouquet was delivered to the tomb of an unknown warrior at Westminster Abbey after the wedding ceremony took place.


Not only is the wedding dress traditionally white but all flowers must be too! Princess Diana’s bouquet was a stunning cascading floral piece while Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle opted for something smaller and more subtle.

The piece that definitely stole the whole flower show was the gigantic floral archway at the entrance of St. George’s Chapel! Philippa Craddock did an incredible job! Kudos for using locally-sourced flowers!


An action by the newlyweds that instantly made headlines was the choice to donate all the flowers used at the ceremony to hospices around London. Could this be the start of a new tradition? We hope so!

What do you think of this royal flower traditions? Do you have your own? Let us know in the comments! Getting married? Be sure to get your wedding flowers from your local florist!


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