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5 Ways Rubber Plants Help You Bounce To A Happy Life

So they don’t really bounce. Rubber plants are still pretty awesome. Even people who aren’t familiar with houseplants know what a ficus is. Well, rubber plants are among the most popular in the ficus genus. Rubber plants (Ficus elastica) are seen in households and offices all over the country. There’s more than one reason for it. Here are several reasons why the rubber plant is so popular with every type of person (*hint* they make great gifts too!):

Rubber Plant (Ficus elastica)

Rubber Plant (Ficus elastica)

For the person who has too much love to give, rubber plants require some loving. They need moderate attention because they require a moist but well drained environment, a balance of light and shade, and a steady fertilizer regimen over its life.

For the person who has a black thumb, rubber plants are good practice. They’re pretty resilient, even if they do require a little more attention than most houseplants. Ficus elastica can stand up to a moderate black thumb. If someone needs a houseplant to practice plant care on, try the Ficus elastica. It’s a beautiful houseplant and easy to love!

For the person who has a green thumb, it’s enough of a break to be easy but isn’t so “stand back and watch” that it’s boring. Rubber plant care is great for the houseplant lover who has been nurturing houseplants for years. Challenging but not draining, entertaining but not overwhelming.

For the cubicle dweller with a grudge, rubber plants slow the desire to permanently call it a day. Some days at the desk are just not worth enduring, or so it seems when the cubicle is lifeless. Rubber plants are convenient for the office and bring enough natural cheer to the room to inspire more productivity, creativity, and a positive demeanor.

For the sleepless new mom, rubber plants pose no fear of harming the baby. Rubber plants also last a while when properly cared for. This is something that takes only 3 minutes a few times per week. Easy to do when baby is sleeping! Plus, rubber plant baskets pose no threat when babies crawl into them. Use them for climbing support? Maybe.

These aren’t the only reasons why people love rubber plants but they sure are a great place to start!

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