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Sad Peace Lily – What Will Make It Grow?

Ask the Expert: My Peace Lily won’t grow I have a Peace Lily from my mother’s funeral, I don’t want it to die, but it just won’t grow. I have had it for a year and it hasn’t done a thing, in fact, it has lost a couple of leaves. It was small to begin with but it is looking really sad. I read the news letter about Peace Lilies and I think I may be over watering it, but what else can I do?


  1. Liane,

    If your peace lily pot was wrapped with foil, remove it. Keeping foil around the plant is not good for the long term. Florists wrap the plants with a foil that keeps water from dripping. Good for the memorial service bad for the plant. The foil doesn’t let the plant drain properly.

    If foil is not the problem, I would suggest re-potting the peace lily. One, this will help if the plant has been continuously over-watered by giving it a new soil base. Two, it may be root-bound. Once the plant has been re-potted water the plant in and then only water when the soil is dry to the touch. A good way to test if you have properly water is the soil-ball test – performed a day or so after you water.

    Pinch some soil from the pot and roll it into a ball. If you can squeeze water from it — too wet.
    If you can’t roll in to a ball because the soil is powdery — too dry. If you can form a ball but can squeeze water from it – Your just right.

    After a few weeks you should fertilize your peace lily.

  2. Susi Stein says:

    If you’re worried about overwatering this plant and have others or plan to purchase other houseplants, I suggest getting a moisture meter. These tell you the level of moisture at the root level and when to water so as not to overwater your plant. I had the problem of overwatering and purchased a moisture meter after losing many beloved plants. The moisture meter has been my plant’s life saver!

  3. If you have repotted this plant. I suggest putting on the east side window for morning sun. Water plant when it tells you to. Its leaves will drop instead of standing. Water it good put have it in a pot so it can drain. I have had my peace lily now for 10 yrs. now. One of the easiest plant I have ever owned. I usasally kill the others. LOL

    Tenna’s Floral Creation & Gifts
    Jonesboro, AR 72401

  4. Thanks so much for the tips, Tenna!

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