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Charm Your Sagittarius With A Sweet Birthday Flower Arrangement

My grandfather is a Sagittarius who is now entering his 79th year. Shopping for birthday gifts can be a bear sometimes as I convince myself that he has received everything at some point before my birth. Certain that I’m the best gift he’s received since that glorious day, I find it difficult to commit to a gift. My heart breathes a sigh of relief this year because I have found the solution! Papa is getting a unique zodiac-inspired plant. Being very close to his family, I’m also very sure that I can avoid any faux pas with this clever present.

Grandpa is like most other Sagittarius. He is warm, open, optimistic, sociable, honest to a fault, and sincere. He has a fantastic sense of humor and clever wit. He’s not detail-oriented but he has big dreams and sees his plans through to completion. His tenacity is inspiring and the very reason that I have chosen several berried plants for his birthday gift this year. My mother is helping him tend a garden in his city home which will be beautifully accentuated by the berried plants.

As a retired farmer, Grandpa may be more inclined to care for a plant but other Sagittarius may wish for a beautiful flower arrangement inspired by their winter zodiac sign. To please the charming nature of your Sagittarius, contact your local florist to create an astrological flowers arrangement filled with eremerus, eustoma, liatris, carnations, crocus, anemones, or muscari.

TickleMePinkCarnations.jpb Pretty carnation flower arrangement for your sweet Sagittarius!

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