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How To Lovingly Say ‘You Have My Heart’

"You Have My Heart" Romantic Bouquet

"You Have My Heart" Romantic Bouquet

I can’t stop staring at this arrangement. There is too much to love about it! From the architecture of the design to its color scheme, I’m as much in love with this arrangement as can be which is why I’m choosing the “You Have My Heart” bouquet as February’s featured flower arrangement.

I’m not one of those women that gets caught up in chasing romantic things, but I’m definitely moved by the “awww” factor. Sweet and kind gestures still mean the world to me. When I first saw the “You Have My Heart” arrangement among our Valentines Day bouquets, so many things flashed in my mind.

This is one of those romantic gifts that I could instantly picture being presented to me by my sweetie. The romantic atmosphere, his sweet and nervous smile as he waits for my reaction—all of these things sprang forward. I found myself instantly smiling. I called him at work just to say, “I love you” and all he’d done was grace my imagination!

Being not a sickeningly sweet person by nature, we both knew that it took something big to make me feel inclined to act like one. We shared a giggle as I told him that it was actually a very pretty arrangement that I’d just stumbled across while looking at romantic bouquets in the photo gallery.

As far as the design scheme goes, transforming calcynia into a colorful pink heart is a great and simple idea. All it takes is a wood pick with floral wire. Heather also works really well and has a slightly softer look. Pink roses, well, just about every girl loves pink roses. I’m delighted by the simplicity of tasks and the beauty of simple things, so this arrangement stood out to me instantly. I know your sweetheart will love it too!

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