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Scam Alert: Free Website Ends Up Costing You $$$$$$

Most of the time, when Flower Shop Network announces a scam it involves a single phone call and a single order. Once you’ve written that bad order off as a learning experience, it is over and you can move on to bigger and better things. However, the scammers are taking a different approach this time and hitting florists at the very essence of their business on a multiple order level – their websites.

These scammers are actually order-gatherers (OGs) who are capitalizing on the hard work that companies like Flower Shop Network provide florists. These OGs are conning florists into switching their strongly performing e-commerce url in exchange for a “free” website. Free isn’t really free in this case, because the OG expects in return 20% or more of every web order. It doesn’t take a mathematician to figure out this isn’t a good deal.

What is the difference let’s say between a Flower Shop Network website and an OG’s “free website”?

With a Flower Shop Network website you get:

  1. 100% of every order.
  2. Google places support for free (Why do you think that OG wants your url – often it is because we have helped you place your URL in Google Places).
  3. Social media (Facebook Business page) support for free.
  4. Seasonal updates (free).
  5. Free direct marketing templates. (formerly direct mail templates)
  6. Holiday floral design updates and recipes.
  7. Ability to link to your social media pages (free).
  8. Checks mailed weekly.
  9. Ability to control the products on your website.

With the OGs “Free” Website, all you are getting is:

  1. 80% of every order
  2. They keep 20% of your order.

When deciding if this “free website” is the way to go, florists should ask the following questions:

  1. Why do they need your strongly performing e-commerce website url? They should be able to use another url for their site. This way you can compare the performance of each website.
  2. Besides being “free”, what does this website have to offer?
  3. What kind of support will you receive if you have problems?
  4. What kind of control will you have over your website?
  5. Who actually owns the website?
  6. Will they guarantee that the website will always be free?

Florists are smart business people. Unfortunately, the word “free” can sometimes cloud our judgement. Don’t let the OG’s take advantage of you. Remember free isn’t always free.

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