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Remember The Scorpio Zodiac Flowers?

"Whimsical Flowers" Bouquet--The Perfect Scorpio Birthday Gift

"Whimsical Flowers" Bouquet--The Perfect Scorpio Birthday Gift

By this point everyone who has spoken to a Generation Y-er knows how quirky and unique we love our life to be. We want special. We want different. We want stand out appeal. That’s why so many of us love zodiac flowers.

I’m not a Scorpio but I’m on the cusp so I can understand why Scorpios would love their zodiac flowers. These include gerbera daisies, marigold, and sunflower. What do these beautiful blooms mean? I’m not an astrologer but I do know that anyone into astrology will love astrological flowers. Seems like an easy connection, right?

It’s not surprising that people like me fall into two categories. I’m a Libra at heart and in most publications but often I’m labeled a Scorpio. If you know someone into astrology and the zodiac but can’t figure out which one they fall into, try something special like this. I mentioned it briefly in last year’s post about Scorpio zodiac flowers. It was fun then and it’s twice as fun now.

The solution as I see it is to send a flower arrangement whose flowers denote certain astrological signs and time of the year. This is a very creative way to show someone how special they really are. For people like myself it is an unexpected treat. The zany mixture of flowers such as dahlias, gardenias, tea roses, gladiolus, and orchids (Libra) with the beautiful blooms of gerbera daisies, marigold, and sunflowers (Scorpio) provide a very quirky and colorful present for fall birthdays.

See? It’s simple to send a fun birthday gift to a Scorpio or a Libra (or both). Just call up your local florist and ask for an arrangement that includes some dahlias, gardenias, tea roses, gladiolus or orchids for a Libra. If you’re hunting for flowers for a Scorpio, ask your local florist for a bouquet including gerbera daisies, marigold, or sunflowers. Zodiac flowers are a fantastic gift for someone on the paranormal edge of awesome.

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