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Looking For Scorpio Zodiac Flowers ?

Like many wishing to find a unique birthday gift, I’m often torn when shopping for my friends that have a birthday in late October or November. Exiting the fall and entering the winter, this time of the year makes gift giving a somewhat daunting task. Thankfully this year I have found an idea for a creative birthday gift.

As my birthday falls on October 23rd, I’m caught on the dividing line between Libra and Scorpio. In some publications I am listed as a Libra while others have me noted as a Scorpio. These are very conflicting zodiac personalities with almost no noticeable similarities. Between this and the weather that follows the changing of the seasons, I know the difficulties of finding the perfect gift well. The humorous thing in all of this is that the Libra sign is represented by scales as individuals with a greater sense of balance and justice. The power-hungry nature of the Scorpio sign of which I’m on the verge can quickly throw my scales off-kilter. What fun!

The solution as I see it is to send a flower arrangement whose flowers denote certain astrological signs and time of the year. This is a very creative way to show someone how special they really are. For people like myself it is an unexpected treat. The zany mixture of flowers such as dahlias, gardenias, tea roses, gladiolus, and orchids (Libra) with the beautiful blooms of gerbera daisies, marigold, and sunflowers (Scorpio) provide a very quirky and colorful present for fall birthdays.

Scorpios are well known for being energetic, active, devoted, ambitious, thoughtful, and optimistic. (Not entirely bad qualities to draw from when I’m listed as a Scorpio.) Scorpios are very goal-oriented and patient. For friends and family with these qualities, a croton plant may be just the right gift as it has a longer life than cut flower arrangements but still provides the home with the same unique and dominating beauty as the Scorpio.

For both the fiery and passionate Scorpio as well as the cool and balanced Libra in your life, visit your local florist today to create an astrological flowers arrangement that is out of this world!

gerberadaisies.jpg Beautiful Gerbera daisies compliment every birthday girl!

sunflowers.jpg Vibrant sunflowers for your energetic Scorpio!


  1. Indulge the sensual and passionate Scorpio with a floral bouquet of lush red peonies. With their luxuriously full shape and bold, passionate red color, these flowers embody both a sense of romance and power.

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