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Have Your Chocolate And Sell It Too!

In the mood for chocolate? Of course, you are! Who doesn’t enjoy luxurious and heavenly chocolate every once in awhile?

Chocolate Truffles From Amber Lyn Chocolates

Everyone deserves a rich tasty treat to satisfy their sweet tooth, and chocolate is sure to do the trick. With all the wonderful varieties of gourmet chocolate available, every palate can find the luxurious treat they desire.

Why Sell Chocolate?

Sold by itself or with other products, chocolate has drawing power. Why? Chocolate is an affordable luxury that everyone feels good about treating themselves to every now and again.

Plus, chocolate is a gourmet food item that is here to stay and has even proven to be healthy, especially dark chocolate! Selling chocolate can be a great add-on sale item with its satisfying taste and health benefits.

Selling Chocolates With Other Products

So, what companion items can you sell with chocolates? Flowers, of course! When you think of flowers, you think of chocolate. Paired together, flowers and chocolate make the perfect romantic gift for that special someone. The same chocolate and flowers are a great way to show appreciation to a teacher, express sorrow to someone you have wronged, or to let a friend know you are thinking about them.

Don’t forget, kids absolutely love chocolate. A nice gift basket full of chocolate tied to a cute Mylar balloon or a plush toy would be a perfect gift for precious little ones. See how chocolate can make a great add-on! Chocolate comes in a variety tasty and unique flavors. With so many flavors everyone is sure to find a favorite flavor, if not multiple ones. Every taste bud will find this delectable treat satisfying.

Another Reasons To Sell Chocolates
Whether young or old, everyone loves chocolate and they want it all year long. However, holiday chocolates are the most popular. Yummy fudge and peppermint bark are perfect gifts during the Christmas season. Since chocolate is desired during every holiday, you can customize the flavors and types to capitalize on the season.

All Things Considered

Of course, chocolate is a great product to sell, but there are a few things to consider before diving in headfirst. Like all products, you must evaluate the compatibility and relevancy of the products to your market niche.

Assorted Chocolates From Buddy Squirrel

In the September 2010 issue of Floral Management, Amanda Long outlines some of the factors that florists needed to evaluate before selling chocolate. Factors such as store type (customer demographic – upscale, urban, rural, etc.) and location (traffic) are the fundamental elements that should be evaluated.

Defining what type of store you own, location and your consumer’s taste are the crucial elements to finding and carrying the right chocolates for your store.

Determining your consumer’s taste will help you decide what flavors and types of chocolates to offer. While location and store type will help determine how much chocolate your store inventory needs. The idea is to research before you dive headfirst in the chocolate market to ensure you get the right chocolate combination.

Chocolate isn’t just chocolate, it’s a luxury item that everyone deserves at an affordable price. Rich, decadent chocolate will serve, as a great add-on sale and the perfect gift all on it’s own. You can never go wrong with this sweet luxury item in your store.

Need to find chocolate wholesalers? FGmarket can help you find a variety of wholesale chocolates.

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