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Send a Gift Just Because

Send a Gift Just Because

There’s actually a day of the year dedicated to sending a gift just because. National Just Because Day is on August 27th, so surprise your loved ones with something special!

Holiday Ideas

There are so many ways to show someone you care. These are some great ways to celebrate this holiday with the people you love:

  • Sticky notes
    An easy way to leave someone a sweet message anywhere you want is with a sticky note! Leave this little surprise on a car windshield, bathroom mirror, or refrigerator.
  • Lipstick
    Writing on a mirror with lipstick is a romantic way to celebrate any occasion. So leave an “I love you” for your loved one to see while getting ready in the morning to start their day off right.
  • Breakfast in bed…or for dinner!
    Who doesn’t love a good breakfast? Make a homemade breakfast for your kids or significant other to eat in the comfort of their own bed. You could even have a special breakfast for dinner instead!
  • Flowers
    There’s no better way to celebrate this holiday than to send someone flowers to let them know you’re thinking of them. Here are some suggestions:

 longing-caress-romancing-the-royal- citrus-zest-bouquet

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You can keep your message short and simple, or long and thoughtful. Need some ideas on what to say? Here are some suggestions:

  • Here is a little gift to show you how much I care. Happy Just Because Day!
  • You mean so much to me. Thanks for being you. Happy Just Because Day!
  • This is a little just because gift to brighten up your day!
  • Happy Just Because Day! I’m so thankful for everything you do.
  • You’re the best [mom] ever. I just wanted you to know that.

Put a smile on someone’s face this holiday. Send an arrangement today!

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