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Need To Send Birthday or Anniversary Flowers To A Teacher?

"Lavender Love" Anniversary Flowers

"Lavender Love" Anniversary Flowers

You’re in luck if you haven’t been able to think of a way to send anniversary flowers to the teacher who stole your heart. Whether in the prime of dating or in the heart of marriage, this is a great way to show your love to your favorite teacher.

Involve her students.

This can be done in several ways. All are guaranteed to steal her heart and send a blush to her cheeks (if she’s the blushing type). Plus, it will give her students a much-wanted break from the curriculum for a few minutes. That’s long enough to make them love you too. Here’s how to do it. You can do all of these, one, or a combination, but the effort will definitely pay off.

  1. Have her called away to the office for something while another teacher or an aide watches her class. Then bring in the flowers that you bought from your local florist. When she returns, have the children say “Happy Anniversary” as as you present her with the flowers.
  2. Put “Happy Anniversary from me and the gang in *her class number*” or a similar message on the enclosure card sent with your flowers. Your local florist will have some creative ideas if you get stuck thinking of a cute card message. (Want ideas? Try these anniversary enclosure card messages.)
  3. Have an aide announce to the class that they are to say “Happy Anniversary” when the florist delivers the teacher’s flowers. Make sure she does this inconspicuously. This surprise may require calling the school for permission to have the florist deliver flowers directly to the teacher’s room. (Usually they’re taken to the office.)
  4. Surprise her during lunch. Once she’s thoroughly surprised, have the children at her class’ table say “Happy Anniversary”

Don’t forget that these can be substituted for birthday as well so have fun and be creative! Don’t forget to return to the Bloomin’ Blog and let us know how your anniversary surprise turned out!


  1. Cathy Lou Jackson says:

    It will be more amazing if you’re going to give the present in an unexpected entry. Like it will rain flowers/petals above her while the bell is ringing for break. The fastest you can set them up the more effective they might be. Don’t search somewhere else for a florist, if you’re from Chicago, hire a florist Chicago-based. Timing is very important in this present.

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