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Did Donald Duck Send Daisy The April Birth Month Flower?

After reading about the birth month flower of April, I began to ponder that somewhat philosophical question. I suppose it’s possible that he did to be quirky. Good on him if he did. It’s a clever gift!

"Birthday Confetti" Arrangement With Pink Daisies

"Birthday Confetti" Arrangement With Pink Gerbera Daisies

Even if your girlfriend, daughter, mother, aunt, or other female friend carries another moniker, daisies are a great gift for people with an April birthday. Being the birth month flower of April, daisies are a very unique gift idea. It means a lot to have someone give you a gift that is very thought out, very detailed or significant in some manner. That’s exactly what sending birth month flowers represents.

I’m one of the lucky ones that gets to buy gifts for five birthdays in April. Buying birthday gifts can get monotonous unless I find something really clever. Thankfully, that’s where birth month flowers come into play. My sister Shannon turns 22 during the middle of April. My best friend shares her birthday but will be a year older. My grandmother celebrates her birthday late in the month. My pastor’s son will be 13 this year. To top it all off, my favorite coworker’s birthday is the day before Shannon’s. Wow!

Now that I have a list of people celebrating an April birthday, it seems only natural to try to find a similar gift for all of them and take the hassle out of the gift buying process. Much to my great pleasure, sending a bouquet of daisies to each is a unique gift that they will all remember. None will be offended by sending a similar arrangement to someone else. Plus, I can buy daisy flower arrangements from my local florist all at once. That’s a pretty big perk since I do not often venture into stores to shop.

Have a crazy month like mine? Keep April calm by sending birth month flower arrangements from a local florist.

Celebrating a birthday in April or enjoying this occasion with someone else who has an April birthday?? — Let us know what you think of this gift idea.

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