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Need To Send Flowers To A School?

Some of my best memories of my school days were the times when my father would send flowers to the school as a surprise for his two little girls. Our friends would “ooo” and “aah” until we felt like the center of attention. We felt like the queens of the school for the rest of the day. When the day was over, we’d rush home and wait rather impatiently until Dad came home for his huge hugs and big kisses. Every child wants to be the center of attention and a bouquet of flowers for your little girl or a cool gift basket for your little boy is a great way to make your child feel like the most important person of the day.

Sending Flowers To A Child In School

There are a few things that you need to know before you contact your local florist for flowers or a gift basket. Some schools do not allow delivery people to make deliveries on campus. Many schools will allow deliveries but only during certain hours, will keep the gift until a certain hour, or only authorize deliveries from certain groups. The best way to find out what your child’s school allows is to call the principal’s office. The receptionist will typically be familiar with the policies regarding delivery. Even if not, he or she should be able to quickly refer you to someone who knows the policy for having flowers and gifts delivered.

Did you find out that the school does not accept deliveries? It’s ok. Simply make arrangements to have your local florist deliver the flowers or gift basket to your child’s home. Make sure that an adult is present during delivery as unsupervised children may not wish or be able to answer the door to strangers—even florists carrying a large flower arrangement. If you must send the flowers to the child’s home do not fret. The amazing feeling of receiving an unexpected gift is the same regardless of the location. Your child will still be able to brag the next day about the awesome gift that he or she received the evening before.

Sending flowers or a gift basket to your child’s school is a great way to make your child feel incredibly special. I’m so glad that my Dad made the phone call to my school and then to our local florist, June. So much of the reason that I adore flowers started in those simple moments. It’s never too late to shape your child’s memories until their heart can’t hold the joy.


  1. Thanks for this article for sending flowers to a school. It’s good to know that you can actually talk to the school to see if they accept flower deliveries. It seems important to always ask any place their policy on flower delivery, especially so you can be sure if the person will receive their flowers.

  2. What kind of person sends flowers to their child at school? Are they going to carry the flowers around all day? This is such a bizarre post.

  3. Aynsley Broom says:

    Hi Dan,
    At most schools, flowers that are sent to schools are held in the school’s office until the end of the day. Close to the end of the day, the office will deliver the flowers to the students, and they are able to enjoy them. It’s a great gesture to celebrate the first day of school, birthday, Valentine’s Day, or any other special occasion. Many students enjoy receiving flowers during this time. I remember when I received flowers for my birthday or Valentine’s Day during school and it was a wonderful surprise. And, I know many other people who feel the same.

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