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How Sending Carnations Says More Than You Think

How can you not love receiving carnations when you know what their fabulous flower meanings? Carnations of all shapes and colors have for years been my favorite flower. I was peering through the FSN flower meanings pages and decided to see what carnations represented. Let’s just say that I was very pleasantly surprised.

A carnation in itself represents fascination, woman’s love and pride. Red carnations say “my heart aches for you” and represent admiration. White carnations represent pure love, woman’s good luck gift, sweetness and loveliness. Pink carnations (my absolute favorites) mean “I’ll never forget you.” Though there are at least half of a dozen more colors of carnations, I mention these three for a reason.

My first Valentine’s Day with my honey brings up great memories of red, white and pink carnations. He and I had only been seeing one another for about seven (7) months. He knew which flower was my favorite but could not remember which color. In an effort to get it right, he presented me with a Valentines Day card and a small can of carnation milk—a drawing of red, white and pink carnations being right on the label.

Tickle Me Pink Carnations Arrangement.jpg

Tell her just how sweet she is to you with the Tickle Me Pink carnations arrangement.

One random day the next fall I walked him to his car to say goodbye. Here he remembered the three pink carnations that he’d snatched for me when he learned that his mother’s shop was refreshing their selection of fresh flowers. It was this random event that burned into my memory how much he thinks of me even in the little things. For this and so many other reasons I can look at him and say “I’ll never forget you” the way the meaning of his pink carnations gift spoke to me.

The next Valentine’s Day went just as smoothly because by then he had quite a grasp on which carnations were special to me. He presented me with a bouquet of pink carnations and another sweetly worded card. I still have those flowers and the card in a box with the can of Carnation milk and other valuable objects from our years together.

I can’t make your own flower memories for you but I can say that the flower meanings of carnations go a long way toward sending the right message to your sweetheart. Not a floral designer by trade? It’s ok. Do what I do and contact your local florist to help create a carnation arrangement that speaks the words your heart can’t find the strength to say.

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