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Sending Flowers? Don’t Forget To List Your Second Choice

This is one flower sending tip that you won’t want to be without. Florists run across an issue often when they are asked to create an arrangement based on something seen in a magazine, on a floral website, or a wire service design gallery. Because availability varies by region and other factors, it is important to have your second choice in mind when ordering flowers.

Small Changes, Not A Different Flower Arrangement

Having a second choice is not what it seems to be. This does not mean giving up what you want in favor of a completely different arrangement. This can be something as simple as selecting pink roses if red roses are not available. It could also mean selecting a different type of flower that closely resembles one used in the bouquet.

Keep Color Options In Mind

Most flowers come in a variety of colors. Each variegated species has its own unique appearance. Though you do not have to know the species name of each flower, keep in mind which colors you would like to see in the arrangement. Note this when sending flowers through a local florist. Knowing that green and yellow are preferred (or whichever) is very helpful information when floral designers need to make substitutes.

Keep Flower Substitutes In Mind

Is your wife highly allergic to a particular flower? Does your husband love a certain flower? Let your florist know! He or she will better able to tailor your arrangement to your specific needs if s/he knows which flowers are preferred/off limits/acceptable. Also, note whether substitutions will be acceptable if the flowers are not available. It may be something as simple as filler flower changes, but it will get your flowers out the door faster and spare a lot of people the hassle of multiple phone calls.

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