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Sending Funeral Flowers? Your Florist Needs This Info

When the sad occasion comes and it is time to send flowers to a funeral home, no one wants to be bothered with more details. The passing of a friend or loved one is a burden which is hard to bear, so juggling phone calls from businesses providing a service to the grieving can be equally exhausting. Don’t put yourself through that when sending funeral flowers.

There are a few bits of information that your florist needs to ensure that your sympathy and funeral flower arrangements are delivered promptly with little or no hassle to anyone else. To make sure that all goes smoothly on the day of the service, include these details when talking with your local florist. You’ll find the process easier and your load remarkably lighter.

Send funeral flowers from a real local florist with Flower Shop NetworkWhen sending funeral flowers, include this information:

  • The deceased’s name The funeral home keeps up with services based on the name of the deceased. This way, there is no confusion when deciphering which arrangement goes where. For example, perhaps you were friends with the deceased’s daughter who has since married and changed her name. Instead of piling through paperwork to figure out whose daughter she is, the funeral director can quickly place your arrangement with the right service based on deceased’s name.
  • The funeral home where the service will be held This is particularly important when sending flowers for a funeral service instead of sympathy arrangements to the home. Florists who do not have this information must call each funeral home and inquire about the services. Though this is only a minor inconvenience, it is a time-consuming one for all involved. Knowing the name of the funeral home will help prevent any late or missed deliveries.
  • The address of the funeral home If you know this, you’re golden. Though most florists are familiar with the funeral homes in their area, including an address will help the delivery person in the event that their is a different error in the information. For example, if the name of the funeral home is incorrect, having the address will prove beneficial to the driver who can then verify the service times upon arrival.
  • Funeral service time If possible, always include the service times. This will help prevent any missed or late deliveries.

Once your florist has this information, your hands are free and clear to tend to the grieving. If you are among them, you will not have to worry with what seems rather trivial at the time. Our deepest condolences to anyone having lost a friend or family member. My the following days find you with smiles instead of sadness.


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