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September Flower Spotlight: Aster

September’s birth flower is the Aster, and that makes it the perfect choice for our September Flower Spotlight. A gorgeous bloom that looks like a star burst and whose name means star, it makes the perfect gift for any September event!


Garden AsterAs usual with Greek mythology, there is more than one tale that explains the presence of these beautiful flowers. The first says that the goddess Virgo spread star dust upon the earth and it took root to eventually become the Aster. Another says that the goddess Asterea began to cry when she looked upon the earth and saw no stars there. Her tears became the lovely Aster.

Another legend comes from the Cherokee Indian tribe. They believed that two warring tribes destroyed a village, leaving only two sisters as survivors. The two women wore doe skin dresses, one dyed lavender blue with fringe and the other bright yellow. They took refuge with an old herb woman who saw into the future and realized they would be hunted down and killed by their enemies. To help them avoid this fate, she turned them into flowers. The first sister became the blue aster and the second was the yellow goldenrod.

Uses of the Past

New England Aster (Symphyotrichum novae-angliae)Ancient peoples believed that the smell of burning aster leaves would drive away serpents. The French would place them on the graves of fallen soldiers to symbolize the wish that things had turned out differently.


The aster means patience, love, daintiness and good-luck. When given as a gift it means admiration and love, and can also mean elegance. It is often seen as a talisman of love, and in China they are a symbol of fidelity.

The aster is a magnificent flower with a rich history and a beautiful mythology. It’s the perfect gift for a September birthday, a welcome surprise for your heart’s true love or just because you like to give gorgeous blooms! As always, remember to buy local!

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