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September Newsletter: Autumn Color

September Autumn Color!

Fall is almost here and we’re falling head-first for fall colors this year! Check out these great articles all about the spirit of fall through it’s beautiful color.

FSN’s Favorite Flower Arrangement For September

Flowers for SeptemberI know it’s not fall yet, but almost is! Fall Treasures mixes the brightness and sunshine of summer with the warm palette of autumn, which is why it’s perfect for September! Although this beautiful flower arrangement is perfect for any occasion, there are many great holidays in September you might consider sending it for:

National Grandparent’s Day is September 11thGrandma & Grandpa would LOVE to have this array of cheery flowers!

The first day of autumn is September 23rdNothing says fall like the warm colors of autumn; this design is a festive way to celebrate the changing seasons!

So if you need to send flowers in September, remember the Fall Treasures flower arrangement for big smiles every time.

Perfect Flowers For September Birthdays

Blue September FlowersSending flowers to someone on their birthday is always a special surprise! Beautiful flowers will create birthday memories to hold close to heart, especially if your recipient works at a desk job. There’s just nothing better than your beautiful birthday gift greeting you with it’s bright and cheery colors every morning as you walk into your office. It’s like celebrating a birthday week instead of just a birth day!

For an September birthday, celebrate the end of summer with warm colors and a mix of summer and fall flowers.  Office flowers are an instant mood changer, and bright, cheery flowers always do the trick!

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Fall Bouquet InspirationThe Rustic Spirit of Fall Through Flowers

And with fall right around the corner, now is the time to start thinking Autumn colors! You want your rustic-themed bouquets and flower arrangements to look effortless, chic and natural. Organic colors will blend perfectly into your fall wedding. Using the above fall accessories, you can create an organic, chic rustic-themed bouquet. These simple, easy to find accessories will compliment any wedding ceremony. Textures make a huge impact and by creating a floral design with these alternative accessories you are sure to express your creative spark in more ways than one!

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Little Monsters - Flowers For KidsKids Love Flowers Too! Send A Surprise With Personalized Flowers

Sending flowers to the people you love has always been a great way of showing that you care – it’s a tradition that is loved by many all over the world. Who doesn’t  love a luscious bouquet brought to our doorstep with a little note saying ‘I Love you’ or ‘Happy Birthday’? It is a thoughtful gift that will always bring a smile. Kids Love Flowers Too!  It’s a great gift idea for a child that is too far to visit, in school all day or just for the kid who loves a fun surprise! You hear a knock at the door – “Sweetie, it’s for you” hollers the parent as the child runs to the front door to see a bright arrangement of happy-go-lucky flowers with their name one it! Who wouldn’t squeal with delight?!?

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Posey Peddler - Florist Food DriveFlowers For Food At Posey Peddler

“Two Sundays ago, in our church bulletin was an announcement saying the Jonesboro Women’s Shelter was in dire need for food. That they were full to capacity with women and children and they needed help.” That is when Bridgette Arnold of Posey Peddler in Jonesboro, AR decided to take action.Bridgette and her staff started a Flowers For Food program in their shop.

For a bag of (10) groceries, customers received a bouquet of roses. “Food isn’t something they should have to think about, in this great country we have. And flowers are such a beautiful thing, and sometimes that can motivate someone to do something they normally wouldn’t have,” says Bridgette.

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Boutonniere Trends For FallMore Than Just a Boutonniere: Trends For Fall

Boutonnieres are a long-standing tradition; generally simple, delicate, and reflective of the partners wrist corsage or bouquet. But who says a boutonniere can’t make a statement with a hint of flair, all on its own?

2011 fall boutonniere trends are leaning toward a more natural, earthy style than the average carnation or red rose.  Twigs, rope, feathers, berries, shells, stones, and thick textures turn what could be an ordinary boutonniere into something outstanding!

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Oranges and Cloves used in Floral DesignFruit & Veggie Floral Design Trends

Using apples, oranges and limes in floral design has become increasingly popular over the past few years, but now florists are finding new and innovative ways to use fruit like never before! At the recent Tennessee State Florist Convention, fruit and veggies in flower arrangements seemed to be a reoccurring trend, let’s take a look…

The best thing about using fruit in flower arrangements is the incredible smell. Check out the above picture of oranges and apples being used. Notice not only are the oranges being used in whole forms, they are also sliced or have been covered in delicious smelling cloves. This adds a bit of spice to the mix.

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Keep your vase filled with water! All flower stems should be submerged; the decline of fresh flowers occurs much more quickly when stems cannot get a drink!
More Flower Care Tips


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Free Flowers With A Catch for Good Neighbor Day
At Bentley Florist in Burton MI, they take the upcoming Good Neighbor Day (Sept. 7th) to heart. Steve Welch, owner of Bentley Florist, and his staff have teamed up with Michigan Warriors hockey team players, staff members, and even the mascot to promote the spirit of neighborly love in their county.

Feathers: Biggest Trend of the Year
I don’t know about where you live, but here I can’t go 50 feet without spotting someone with a hair feather extension!? Not just teens either — kids, moms, grandmamas, even DOGS are getting hair feathers! It’s definitely the biggest new trend this year! Why not add a little feather to your summer flower power?

FSN Events: Video From The Tennessee State Florist Association Convention
I (Mandy FSN) kept my video camera with me as I strolled through the convention. I set out to make a video for our florist friends who couldn’t make it to this particular convention, so they could be part of this event too. Hope you enjoy!

FSN Events: Tennessee State Florist Convention 2011
I just got back from the Tennessee State Florist Convention in Franklin TN, and what an amazing show! My head is still spinning with all sorts of floral design inspiration which I will do my best to share with our awesome followers and friends! But first, let’s do a quick recap of the show!

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