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Social Media Photography

It’s no surprise that most of us rely exclusively on social media for our marketing. It continues to grow and change every day—especially with the integration on photography and video. In our line of business, we must rely heavily on photography to show off our designs and intrigue the customers. This is why we have come up with some important tips on photography for your social media marketing.

The Importance of Photos

A picture is worth a thousand words—and, in some cases, the only thing standing between you and a customer making a purchase.  Taking a quick photo of your design can be a great thing, but if the photo isn’t very good, it could end up hurting you in the long run. A bad photo could imply that you are unprofessional and even make your beautiful design look rather dismal. “But I don’t know a thing about photography!” Not to worry! Here are some basics on photography that can make your designs stand out—even if taken with your phone!


Lighting can make or break your photo. Ever notice that little grainy look in some of your photos? That’s due to lack of lighting. You could go all out and set up a whole photo room where you have very expensive lights. OR you can use the best lighting of all: natural light. Try taking your pictures outside during the morning when the light is at its best.

It’s important to consider where to take your photos. A messy workplace can take focus away from your beautiful designs and it can also make you look unprofessional. Designate a specific area that is only for photos. You can also make an easy backdrop on the side or back of your shop to use for your shots.

Sometimes one photo isn’t enough. Make sure to take many pictures from different angles. Sometimes a design looks best if taken from the bottom up or a close up of an embellishment stands out more than a basic picture.

Pro Tip: Include the recipient of the gift if possible! Nothing intrigues customers than seeing the result of a beautiful gift. This also promps your customers to share your pictures!

There is no need to be an award winning photographer to take a couple great shots of your designs. Remember to always look at your photos as if you were the customer and post your fantastic pictures on all your social media platforms. For more great tips and marketing tricks, check back with the Bloomin’ Blog!

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