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Something Is Munching On My Peace Lilies

Ask the Expert: My outdoor peace lilies’ leaves are being eaten
my outdoor peace lilies are in the shade in front of my house and grow beautifully but something keeps eating their leaves down to the stem – they look as if chunks are cut out of them.  any ideas as to what could be feasting on them and how to get rid of it???


  1. Like most mysteries, this one probably begins after sunset. Snails and slugs are most likely the culprit and unless you are out there with a flash light after dark you probably won’t see them. Snails and slugs love the tender leaves of the peace lily plant and have a voracious appetite. Your local garden center will carry some type of snail and slug bait that will help you get rid of them. At our nursery and garden center we carry a product called Eliminate by Fertilome. It works well. If you want an organic method to get rid of the snails and slugs try beer. Since my mother and father have an outdoor cat, they don’t like to use the Eliminate. Instead my father take a used 20oz plastic soda bottle and cuts it down to about 3inches. Then he fills it with beer and places it under or next to the peace lily, hosta, etc. and leaves it over night. In the morning the cup is filled with snails and slugs who were attracted to the smell of the beer. We have found that the cheaper the beer the better. Try one of these solutions and let me know if we solved the problem.

    Great for outdoors during the warmer months, peace lilies make excellent houseplants.

  2. Karen M. Suhr says:

    Something is munching on the new leaf shoots of my indoor peace lily. How do I get rid of them.

  3. Jeffrey Balch says:

    Hi Karen! It would really depend on the type of pests, but an insecticidal soap spray might do the trick.