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Splitting Peace Lily For New Start

Ask the Expert: Can you get starts off of a peace lily plant?
My sister-in-law has had me plant sitting for her and had suggested that I take a start or split the plant to keep for helping to take care of it. Is this something that is safe to do with a peace lily?  Tasha



You can safely split a peace lily to get a new start.  Begin by taking the peace lily out of its pot.  Make sure you have a very sharp knife.  See if you have a natural place to separate it –  meaning a sturdy set of leaves that are not attached to the main plant.  If so, take your knife and from the bottom up cut the section you want away from the main plant.  This will ensure that you have enough roots to support the foliage.  Now place the original plant back in its container and fill in with soil.  You can now plant the new piece in a container of your choice.  Make sure the plant is plant at the same level as the original plant.  In other words, the soil line of the new plant should be right at the place where the roots and leaves join.  Water it and then begin peace lily care as usually.  Both plants might wilt slightly at first.  This does not mean they need more  water.  They are going through shock and will recover in a week or two.

The same principle applies even if you can find a good place to split the peace lily.  The key is to cut from the roots up, so that you have enough roots to support the attached foliage.

Good luck and keep me posted.


  1. My peace lily won’t bloom anymore want am i doing wrong and the time keep dying can you help please it was from my daughter funeral 8 years ago.
    Thank you Vickie

  2. my peace lily won’t bloom any more and the tips keep dying?it’s a pretty big one now from my daughters funeral 8 years ago can you help please i want it to live forever
    Thank you

  3. If you haven’t repotted the peace lily in a while, now is the time to do it. By placing the peace lily in a large pot, it will be able to access nutrients and water better. This should help with the tip problem and the blooming issuer. The other option would be to split the peace lily into multiple plants. When you repot or split the peace lily check for insects or other problems. Should you find insects or fungus, you will need to correct those issues as well.

    Good luck and keep me posted.

  4. Greg White says:

    We are moving from East Coast to California and really would like to take (2) peace lily plants from my Dad’s funeral (20 yrs ago) with us – but the moving company wants nothing to do with plants.

    How does one ship these plants cross-country without killing them?

  5. Greg,

    Your best bet would be to put them in the car with you. Make sure the plants are moist but not soggy and that they have air-circulation during the ride west. Good Luck.

  6. Diane Smith says:

    I have a peace lily that I have had for 16 months. All the tips are turning brown. I replanted about 6 months ago. I am afraid I am going to loose it. I received it from my son’t funeral. I need some help, how can I take a cutting from it to start a new plant.

  7. Jamie Woods says:

    Hi Diane,
    Brown tips can be caused by overwatering or underwatering. Your plant should be kept evenly moist, but not soggy. Usually, watering once a week is enough. Make sure your plant is in a well-draining pot and isn’t holding excessive water. I would try getting it on a regular watering schedule and let it recover before attempting to take a cutting.