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Turn The Spotlight On Love At First Sight Floral & Design

Here’s someone who really deserves to bask in the glow of the limelight for a bit. Suzanne Calloway Fammartino at Love At First Sight Floral & Design in Carmel, IN really shines in the areas of customer service and design. I can easily say that I was shocked to see the stack of testimonials from Suzanne’s customers. I’ve seen novellas with fewer words. What’s really important is that these customers are glowing about Suzanne’s designs and her attention to customer needs. It’s incredible!

I was speaking with Joe Hays, Suzanne’s Flower Shop Network representative, and was very impressed by his stories of the amazing things that happen in her shop. It seems that inspirational things happen all the time to Suzanne just because she values her customers. I asked him to get me more information so he contacted Suzanne who sent over this story.

Love At First Sight Floral & Design

Suzanne Calloway Fammartino from Love At First Sight Floral & Design

My name is Suzanne Calloway Fammartino, I own Love at First Sight Floral and I have been a florist for over 19 years.  I was a fashion designer before I was a floral designer so floral design came naturally to me, I love creating unique designs. Every day is a blessed day for me if I can make someone else’s day special with my floral designs.  I love creating my designs specifically for each customer that calls me, connecting with their needs so that it’s customized with them in mind when it is created. It never seems like a job, it feels more like a calling. I always try and add special accents and pay close attention to detail in every design because the little things really do matter.  After I have finished with an arrangement I always look at it through the eyes of the receiver and that’s when  I know  I’ve done my best.

I have always been very intuitive and on countless occasions I have been able to connect with my customers instinctively by choosing just the right flowers’ containers and designs and later find that what I had created had a special connection for them.  There is no greater fulfillment for me as when I receive a thank you call or letter.  That is what it’s all about for me in my floral business. Several months ago when I was doing my floral buying I saw a beautiful wooden dump truck and something told me that I needed to buy it.  At the time I had no idea why.  I had a few opportunities to use this truck in children birthday arrangements that were ordered but something told me to hold on to it. I knew why when I received a call from a young lady who told me of a tragic death of a young man in his 40’s that worked for her company.

This company had never called me before and there were other floral company’s closer that she could have picked to call. I told her I could do anything she would like for the funeral arrangement and I asked her to tell me something about him to try and personalize it. She then said “Well you wouldn’t happen to have a dump truck would you?”  My heart jumped as I said, “as a matter a fact I do”! Then she told me he had been a dump truck driver for their gravel company for years.  The young lady and I were amazed at this moment of connection for this man. As I finished designing a beautiful floral arrangement in the bed of the truck I stepped back and looked at it through his eyes and knew he would be pleased.  I felt so blessed to be able to create this arrangement that I knew would touch the hearts of all who attended.  I can’t tell you how many times I have made similar connections in the years that I have been doing floral design and those connections make me truly love what I do!  We all are given gifts…we just need to be sure to share them with others.

Suzanne- Love at First Sight Floral & Design

I still get goosebumps reading this story. I am so glad to know that someone cares about her customers more than herself. Her reward comes from making them happy. Her rewards also come in strange, pleasant ways like this one. Suzanne, like so many others, deserves a big nod for her dedication to her customers. Way to go, Suzanne!


  1. Jane Sweeney says:

    I first knew about Suzanne’s work (Love at First Site Floral and Design) by attending some of the corporate events where she provided the floral displays. The beauty and the uniqueness of the flower arrangements always seemed to be a topic of conversations at these events. It was at this point, I decided to test my luck to see if anyone of this caliber would be willing to be the designated florist at my daughter’s wedding. When Suzanne said yes, I did not know it would be the first step into an experience that demonstrated the ultimate customer service standard. I truly do not think I will ever find someone to Suzanne’s passion and the ultimate desire to please the customer. Her abililty to meet with us as often as we wanted, to listen to our wishes, to design and check in for our approval, and her creativity….wow, wow, wow! I really felt that she walked with us through the whole wedding journey. The wedding was a fabulous event, however the “talk of the town” was the beauty of the flowers, boquets and arrangements. I have never been at a wedding where people were taking as many pictures of the flowers as the bride and groom. Suzanne, you have set the standards extremely high for anyone else in this business. Thank you!

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