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Flower Spotlight: Star of Bethlehem

Many flowers can be used to spruce up a Christmas arrangement, but only the Star of Bethlehem embodies the true meaning of this holiday. Keep reading to learn about the symbolism of this bloom and other fun facts!

Origin & Symbolism

The Star of Bethlehem flower, scientifically known as Ornithogalum umbellatum, is often associated with the birth of Jesus. Legend has it that God created the real Star of Bethlehem to guide the three wise men to the birthplace of Christ Child. Once the wise men arrived safely to their destination, God, thought the flower was too beautiful to banish and chose to keep it on earth. It is said that the star exploded into a million tiny pieces, becoming what we know now as the star-shaped bloom.

This stunning flower is a member of the Hyacinthaceae family and native to Southern Africa and Europe. It is often used in bridal bouquets and other wedding arrangements as a symbol of honesty and hope. Other meanings associated with this bloom are purity, innocence, and forgiveness.

Fun Facts

The Star of Bethlehem is similar to wild garlic but doesn’t have the same odor when crushed.

They can take over your garden and are extremely hard to get rid of. To keep them under control, be sure to grow them in containers.

The star bloom is on the list of the top most invasive exotic flowers in 10 states! Yikes!

Although this 6-petal flower is beautiful to the eye, it is known to contain alkaloids that can be poisonous to animals. So, keep an eye on your furry friends as they explore your garden! 


The Star of Bethlehem is a winter flower that blooms in late spring or early summer. They are available in white, yellow, purple, orange, and even pink colors. Head to your local florist and see this beauty for yourself!

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