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Spring Into Prom With Flowers

Prom is almost here. You have the date, the dress, the shoes, the hair, and the car. What’s missing? The prom flowers!! The perfect corsage or boutonnière makes the difference between a fun yet elegant statement and a shabby accessory. Here are some tips for finding the perfect floral decorations for your night!

  • Prom Corsage InspirationFind a decorative, matching corsage wristband! Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but funky sequins, elegant gems, coral, and pearl with your corsage make just as beautiful a statement.
  • Small flowers or floral hair accessories are definitely an up-DO! These become an eye-catching way to show off the hair and makeup you worked so hard on, not to mention the aromatic fragrance they give your date when you’re dancing cheek to cheek.
  • Talk with your florist! These experts are sure to have creative ideas and unique arrangements to bring out even more beauty.
  • Know your budget! Don’t risk spending too much or passing over the perfect bouquet because you don’t know how much you would like to spend.
  • Doll up your date also! Matching boutonniere and cummerbunds not only are a stylish look but announce to prom guests that you and your date are the perfect stylish prom couple!
  • (Guys) Surprise your date with a bouquet! It’s an unexpected twist that your date will remember and probably brag to her friends about for days. Face it; she’s expecting the corsage. Go the extra mile for a date that she’ll love!

Find a local florist to design your perfect corsage or boutonniere.

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