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Why Aren’t Stephanotis and Lily Of The Valley Used in Bridal Bouquets?

Ask the Expert: Are lily of the valley used in bridal bouquets. Back when I was married (in the 50s) lily of the valley and also stephanotis were often used in bridal bouquets and they are beautiful but I never see them anymore. Any reason? Carolyn

Rose and Stephanotis Bridal Bouquet

Flower Shop Network‘s Flower Expert Reply:
Every generation has it’s favorite flowers. In the 50’s, it was most likely stephanotis and lily of the valley. ‘Casa Blanca’ lilies or callas are probably the flower of choice for today’s brides.

That doesn’t mean stephanotis and lily of the valley aren’t or can’t be used in wedding bouquets. The rose and stephanotis bridal bouquet in the picture was a recent creation by MaryJane’s Flowers for a wedding in Berlin NJ.

Now that wedding flower options are not necessarily contingent upon seasonal availability, brides have more choices. They are no longer bound by what is considered a “wedding flower”.  Today’s brides have the freedom to choose any flower (depending on their budget) for their bridal bouquets and wedding flowers. As a result, brides are interjecting their personalities into their wedding flower choices and designs.

So it just maybe that the brides whom weddings you are attending are choosing more trendy flowers. However, I am confident that stephanotis and lily of the valley are still being used in wedding bouquets. They really are beautiful flowers and should be considered a wedding flower option.


  1. Another reason might be the costs of those particular wonderful flowers. Both are “high maintenance” requiring lots of time/labor for us florist. Stephanotis must have special care as soon as it comes in and stems added prior to use.

    Lily of the Valley is quite expensive for us to buy. It’s also fragile and delicate, requiring special care and waiting until the absolute last minute to use. I’m blessed to have it growing in my yard and freely use it when possible in our April weddings. It’s a special treat I can give my Bride’s.

    These objections aside Bride’s still choose these two beauties. We had Lily of the Valley shipped in from Holland this past June for a Bride & have used stephanotis several times this wedding season.

    Here in Asheville, NC the favorites are mini-callas, hydrangea and cymbidium orchids. Roses are still used quite often, but today they’re fully opened and have a lush more relaxed look than the stiff pointy buds of years past. Each generation has their own style, makes me curious about what’s in my flower future!

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  2. c a sagmiller says:

    My parents are having 60th anniversary! Spent hours trying to find pictures of the flowers in her bouquet, thanks,

    your post explained a lot. they married 1956.

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