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How To Submit Your Weekly Photos To FSN

Hey Florists!

A little showing off never hurt! We have been showcasing your work with our Friday Recap posts and by selecting an Arrangement of the Week every Monday. We love getting flower photos from you every week. We are so inspired with the ongoing creativity and beauty you share with us all the time.  Never hesitate to show off your talent!

Get Featured on Friday Recap!Arrangement of the Week Guidelines

With more and more submissions rolling in, we created this submission guide to makes things even easier.

Read through these 3 simple steps so you will know the best way to get your photos to us.  We want to continue sharing your lovely creations.

Step 1. Pick your BEST weekly arrangement

Pick a photo of one arrangement that is your absolute favorite, the one you were most excited to deliver or the one with the most “OOOooo!” factor. However you narrow it down, pick your very best of that week.

If you just can’t decide and post a bunch, we’ll select our favorites to share.

Step 2. Post your photo to the FSN Facebook Wall

Go to Flower Shop Network’s Facebook page and upload your photo to our wall. Be sure to share a large version of your image, not a small thumbnail. We want to be able to see your work in all its glorious detail.

In your post, tell us a little about the arrangement. What makes it special? Why do you like it? Are there any unusual or particularly surprising flower types used? Does it hold a special meaning to someone? Let us know!

Step 3. Watch for your Featured Flowers!

We view all your submissions and post our Friday Recap on, you guessed it, Friday. If you submit photos on that day, don’t worry. You’ll be included next week for sure. When you get some time on Friday, don’t miss out on instant inspiration by checking out the Friday Recap. If you submitted your favorite arrangement, you’ll be able to find yours among the group.

On Monday, we will announce our favorite Arrangement of the Week and that florist will be featured on our Facebook cover photo all week long!

So snap, share and show off! We always want to see what you can do.

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