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What Is This Succulent With Hot Pink Flowers?

Ask the Expert:

Can you identify this plant? It likes sun.. The flowers are bright pink –Phyllis

Pink Flowering Plant - Aptenia cordifolia variegata

Flower Shop Network Plant Expert Replay:


The plant looks like an Aptenia cordifolia variegata. This sun-loving, drought tolerant succulent is sometimes called Heart-leaf Ice plant because the hot pink bloom resembles Delosperma’s (Hardy Ice plant)  vibrant pink bloom.

Originating in South Africa, this plant yearns for hot temperatures and thrives in drought-like conditions.  Frost, however, is not its friend and must have protect from the winter cold.  Classified as a zone 9 – 10 plant, with protection it can survive in zone 8.

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  1. shubhakar dubey says:

    I love flowers and greenary so i m always eager to know more about plants, flowers. I have 10 yr old cycus but now new leaves r dry itself
    .what is the reason and what to do to prevent it

  2. Here are some potential reasons for the dried leaves:

    a) Leaves thrown during cold weather: It is not unusual for a swirl of leaves coming out during very cold weather not to reach anticipated length or to abort. There’s not much to do about this except maintain the plant and wait for another throw of leaves. However, do check for other problems described below.

    b) Fertilizer damage: Leaves on a cycad can dry up when the plant has been over-fertilized. See leaching instructions elsewhere for treatment of this problem.

    c) Rot: Leaves can also dry up and shrivel when the plant has crown rot (central apex of the cycad), or rot of the lower trunk or roots. Central crown rot is almost impossible to treat. You can pour a fungicide down the crown of your cycad, and repeat this treatment on a weekly basis. It may need dissection. The mother plant may or may not survive, even if just in the form of basal suckers. It is very ominous when a plant has what appears to be big beautiful leaves and they just lay down laterally and then collapse downwards all the way. If they seem weak and flimsy at their hinge point with the caudex, this almost always means a major problem. Check for rot.

    d) First set of leaves while establishing a removed sucker: This can happen and doesn’t mean, necessarily, the demise of the caudex. Continue checking for rot and treat accordingly.

    e) Leaves laying down while the plant is coning: The leaves often lay more horizontally as the plant is coning. This is not always seen. During this normal occurrence, the leaves are tightly held at the hinge point with the caudex. It is particularly common with female cones in Cycas revoluta. It is not a pathological condition.

    Information found at: http://www.junglemusic.net/cycadadvice/cycad-my-cycad-is-in-trouble2.htm Hope this helps!

  3. Hi,

    This is not Aptenia cordifolia but the hybrid Aptenia ‘Red Apple’ variegated.

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