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What Is This Succulent With A Red Flower?

Ask The Plant Expert:

What is the plant with the red flower? I have 4 identical plant dishes (picture attached) that I bought in this condition. Each contain the same 3 plants, I believe, and I think I’ve identified 2 of the 3 plants in this pot, minus the “jade looking” one that has the red flower on top. Do you know what the “jade-looking one” is really named?

Also, do you think they look over or under watered (or may have another problem)? The soil does smell musty/damp. I think I need to repot them, but should I let them lay out and dry out for a few days or other? I know these are a lot of questions, but if nothing else, can you at least identify and name the jade-looking plant? THANKS!

Over-watered Kalanchoe Photo

Flower Shop Network Plant Expert Reply:

All of your plant are a type of Kalanchoe. As for the exact species, it is hard to tell since the blooms and leaves are in a state of stress. My best guess would be Kalanchoe farinacea. Since Kalanchoes are succulent in nature, they are susceptible to over-watering.

I does look like they have been over-watered. I recommend Re-potting into a cactus/succulent soil as soon as possible. I hope this information was helpful. Please let me know if I can help with anything else.


  1. Meryl Schultz says:

    I am looking to reenter the workforce and want to turn my passion for flowers into a career. Can yoi off. Any advice on how to get started? Thank you In advance for your help


    Meryl Schultz

  2. Meryl, my suggestion would be to see if you could find a job in a flower shop to learn more about the floral business. You might also find classes or workshops in your area to learn more about designing flowers. I would contact your state’s floral association and ask what education opportunities are available locally. Hope this helps.

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