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Reaping Sweet Rewards From Fruits As Fall Decor

A popular trend in fall decorating is enhancing the color and wonder of fall flowers with fresh and dried fruits. How does fruit enhance fall decor? Glad you’ve asked!

Bales of hay, quirky scarecrows, gourds and pumpkins are all common accents used in fall decorations. Fall flowers such as chocolate cosmos and dahlia light up autumn decor with warm, festive colors. Many fruits and vegetables also appear an a variety of fall colors making them perfect additions to creative fall decorations. Whether looking to add a splash of color to fall decorations or wanting a quirky gift to accompany an arrangement of fall flowers, fresh and dried fruits are the way to go.

The fruit most popularly used in fall decor may come as a bit of a surprise–the pumpkin. Indeed, the pumpkin is actually a fruit that can be traced back hundreds of years before the first Thanksgiving celebration. Pumpkins and their veggie counterparts, squashes and gourds, are often seen adding warm colors to a unique fall centerpiece, decorating a mantelpiece, or lighting up the home as a fun jack-o-lantern.

Spice Up Fall Decor With Festive Fruits
Spice Up Fall Decor With Festive Fruits

Pumpkins also make great gift ideas for children. Even Charlie Brown knew how important these great fruits are during the fall! Parents and children can enjoy carving jack-o-lanterns into funny faces that will be enjoyed all season. Trips to the local pumpkin patch make great weekend getaways for families wanting a fun fall outing.

Once the pumpkins have made it home safely, enlisting the help of children in creating festive fall decorations around the house encourages family togetherness, stimulates creativity, and is a very fun way to develop an appreciation of nature in children–not to mention memories that will last a lifetime.

So the next time you stop to buy fall flowers from your local florist, think about the fun ways to include fruits and veggies in your decorations. The sweetest of the sweet rewards will follow.


  1. Wonderful ideas for decorating both indoor and outdoors for the fall.

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