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What Is This Plant Found On Facebook?

Ask The Expert:
what is this plant and its care and properties?? it leaves water on the desk from its leaves. thank you.

Plant Expert Reply:

It looks like you have an Aglaomena sometimes referred to as a Chinese Evergreen. The water on the desk is perplexing. Is the water dripping from the leaves. Is it water or a sticky substance? A sticky substance could indicate an insect problem or damage to the plant. When you water the plant do not wet the leaves only the soil.

As for Aglaomena (Chinese Evergreen) care instructions are as follows:

Light: Filter light or partial shade – no direct sunlight.

Water: Keep soil evenly moist; occasionally letting it dry slightly. Mist plant with lukewarm water every day.

Fertilizer: Feed a balanced fertilizer every 2 to 3 weeks except during the winter.

Let me know more about the water and I will try to figure out if it is a problem.

A Plant Named Aglaonema

Ask the Expert: What is the name of this plant? 
What is the name of this plant? Is it poisonous to cats?

Thanks, Susan

See Attached photo

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Tall, Dark Green and Mottled Leaves – What Is It?

Ask the Expert: trying to identify a house plant

i have a large house plant appr. 4 ft high. it has beautiful very dark green mottled leaves. Every so often it blooms with a white lily looking flower and also red berry looking seed pod. I am sorry I have no photo.


Chinese Evergreenone variety of a Chinese Evergreen (Aglaonema)

Is This Palm Tree Looking Plant Poisonous?

Ask the Expert: What is my plant and is it poisonous?

It looks like a tiny palm tree with various stems.
It is a house plant. Janelle

Parlor Palm

Chinese Evergreen chinese evergreen

Dumbcane Dumbcane

Schefflera schefflera

Dieffenbachia (Photo From Berneckers) photo from Bernecker’s Nursery

Please Identify the Plant in this Picture.

Ask the Expert: I tried to find information about my houseplant on your web site, but I didn’t find anything that matches. Could you identify the plant pictured in the attached photo? Thank you! Lance

Aglaonema communtatum plant


You have an Aglaonema, specifically an Aglaonema commutatum ‘Treubii’.

Can I Re-pot a Chinese Evergreen?

Ask the Expert: When is it to late to repot? I have a Chinese Evergreen whos roots are coming through the pot in which I purchased it. Is it too late to repot it now? SLS

What Causes Black Spots On Chinese Evergreen (Aglaonema)?

Ask the Expert: what makes the leaves have black spots some leaves on my chinese evergreen have black spots on them why is this

Chinese Evergreen Light Requirements

Ask the Expert: Chinese Evergreen light requirement Can my dark green with lighter green Chinese Evergreen take low light or is bright indirect light what they need? SLS


Similar to the Peace Lily, Aglaonema (Chinese Evergreen) can thrive in bright light and some low light levels.  The variegated varieties need more light. However, I have found that direct sunlight tends to burn the leaves.  An optimal location would be a bright room with indirect light –  a sunroom or a room with many windows.  Humidity is a key factor in the health of a Chinese Evergreen.  Mist the air surrounding the plant or use a wet pebble method for humidity.   Place pebbles in a shallow container without a drain , then place the potted Chinese Evergreen on top of the pebbles.  Water the pebbles every few days .  This technique will produce a humid condition around the plant.

Low light level variegated plants – Dracaena, Pothos, Aglaonmea, Schefflera

Ask the Expert:

Which dracaena can take low light(opposite of south east window approximatly 14 feet). I would like something varigated. Please advize as to which dracaena or any other varigated plant.

Thanks, Susi Stein Omaha

There are few plants that you can use in this situation. You could use a type of variegated Schefflera arboricola. If you want a variegated Dracaena that works well use my favorite the Warneckii goldstar. Another great low light plant that is easy to grow is the Golden pothos seen here . Pothos is also a great trailing plant for baskets. The Aglaonema ‘Silver Bay’ is a fairly easy to grow low light plant that has broad leaves and a silvery variegation. Any one of the above plants should work for you.

Warneckii Goldstar - from the Dracaena Family Dracaena – Warneckii Goldstar

Golden Pothos (Picture provided by Bernecker's Nursery) Golden Pohtos

Aglaonmea Silver Bay (Photo from Bernecker's Nursery) Aglaonema ‘Silver Bay’

Thanks to Bernecker’s Nursery for the Photos.