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Help! What Is This Strange Trumpet Flower?

Ask the Plant Expert:

What plant is this?This plant appeared this spring in two different flower beds after removing hard scape from previous owner.  Any idea what it is?  Invasive?  It looks like it will be blooming soon.  Zone 7a. Full sun. The lady selling plants at the farmers market was selling one and didn’t know what it was either. –Chris

Datura plant Datura blooming

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Angel Trumpet Or Devil Trumpet?

Angel's Trumpet Ballerina Purple Datura metelAsk The Expert: What is the differences between an angel trumpet and a devil trumpet? – Elaine

Flower Shop Network Plant Expert Reply:

It depends. Most of the time, devil’s trumpet is associated with the genus Datura. These herbaceous leafy annuals/short-lived perennials have lobed toothed alternate leaves with erect flowers and spiny fruit..

Angel’s trumpet are associated with the genus Brugmansia and have pendulous flowers, smooth fruit and are small woody tree/bushes. The large leaves of this plant have fine hairs along the coarsely toothed leaf margin.

Both plants belong to the Solanaceae family and contain toxins.

Hope this information was helpful. Please let me know if I can assist you with anything else!

Identify This Illinois Plant?

Ask the Expert: Can you identify this plant?



A lot of these plants are growing around our lot here in Illinois (near Chicago). We don’t know what they are nor if they are toxic.  I’m hoping you will be able to give us some info regarding the identity of this plant.
Thanks in advance for considering this question. Anna

Plant Expert Reply:

I think the plant is a type of Brugmansia (Datura).  The common names associated with this genus are Angel’s Trumpet  or Jimsonweed.  It looks more like Angel’s Trumpet (Brugmansia), but I won’t know until I see the bloom of the plant.  This plant can be toxic