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Peace Lilies Don’t Make Dogs Peaceful

Ask The Expert: My Sons dog ate all the leaves off my peace lily. Please tell me this plant
isn’t toxic and his dog will be ok. Thanks, Gina

Peace lilies are on the toxic list for dogs. However, it depends on how much he ingests. Peace will cause the following symptoms: oral irritation, intense burning and irritation of mouth, tongue and lips, excessive drooling, vomiting, difficulty swallowing. If the dogs develops beathing problems, excessive drooling and/or difficulty swallowing call your vet. The dog may need something to counteract the insoluble calcium oxalates from the peace lily.

Please keep me posted on your dog. I have 2 dogs myself and will worry until I know how yours is.

A Unique Occasion For Sending Flowers That Many Overlook

I recently went through the death of a pet with a loved one. Though not my dog, my love for his owner made the event very sad. I could only imagine what my honey was going through. I wanted to be there for him but didn’t know how.

"Peaceful Comfort" Sympathy Flowers

"Peaceful Comfort" Sympathy Flowers

I spoke with Jamie J Adams about it. Having recently lost her dog, Dudley, she knew well the sadness and the grief that a pet owner goes through at this time. We had spoken shortly after losing Dudley about how a friend from her church had sent flowers as a way to express their condolences. She said it really helped both her and Neal.

I know that my sweetheart is not an emotionally expressive person by nature, but the same cannot be said for his young daughter. She was who ran through my mind when I was told about Jamie’s sympathy gift idea. Flowers seemed like the perfect way to comfort her fragile little heart. In my eyes, it’s kind of like a hug. A hug doesn’t make the pain go away but the love expressed with a hug makes the heartache a bit easier to deal with.

I can’t imagine and don’t really want to try to speculate what my life would be like if my dog Kenzie died. However, I do know that Jamie is right on with her notion. I know that fresh flowers would make me feel a bit better. For anyone dealing with the loss of a pet or with a friend experiencing this tragedy, consider sending sympathy flowers as a temporary hug.

Is Insecticidal Soap Poisonious To Dogs?

Ask the Expert: Should I worry about Chemicals I put on my plant?
Hi I have a parlor palm it looks like from the pictures. My cavalier spaniel decided it would be good for breakfast.  I did read that they are not poisoness to dogs. But, my concern is that around 2 weeks ago I sprayed it with insecticidal soap for a white fuzzy sticky problem it has. Would that all have been soaked in and of no harm to my dog.  Just wanted to check. I put it up on a table when I spray until its dry.  Just worried because we caught her eating it and she ate quite a bit and then threw up green foam.   Thanks, Dee

Curiosity Killed the Cat But What About a Peace Lily

Ask the Expert: is a peace lily poisonous to cats

i think my son’s cat ate the tips of the leaves of my peace lily.  Emily

How Do I Love Sansevieria Plants? Let Me Count The Ways!

When I think of houseplants that are easy to care for, simple for beginners to gardening, and rather enjoyable to behold, I count Mother-in-law’s Tongue among the tally. This starter houseplant is amazing! It is tolerant of slight neglect, only needs to be watered moderately, prefers partial shade but can survive in full Arkansas sun (the proof is in the picture), and grows quickly so that I have a beautiful plant to look upon for months at a time! Thankfully, I’ve discovered that you can also buy Mother-In-Law’s Tongue houseplants for nearly anyone because of just how simple it is to care for them!

I’ll admit it. I traded a green thumb for other talents. While I still contend that the powers that be have brilliantly gifted me with these, it does my heart no good to enjoy a home with pitiful-looking houseplants. For people like me who have had to earn our gardening merits, a really great basic is the Mother-In-Law’s Tongue houseplant. With the ability to produce beautiful white to cream-colored blooms next to the bold interweaving of light and dark green striped leaves, Mother-In-Law’s Tongue beautifully completes the décor of any home or garden.

Also known as Snake Plant or by its scientific name, Sansevieria trifasciata laurentii, Mother-In-Law’s Tongue delivers boldly striped beauty in a very proud fashion for homes needing a subtle dash of attitude in the home décor. Unfortunately, my house is filled to the brim with this type of confident charm and our houseplants need only add casual visual appeal. The good news for me is that Mother-In-Law’s Tongue houseplants can be stylish, subtle, casual, bold, decorated creatively, or used just to add color to a bland room. The sky, rather the ceiling I suppose, is the limit with Snake Plant houseplants.

My good friend Jamie Jamison Adams of the Ask The Expert blogs has proven that Mother-In-Law’s Tongue is also a very sustainable garden plant. Even better! Arkansas heat can sometimes feel like Calcutta in July only more humid. Though typically thriving in indirect light, Jamie’s Sansevieria plant accents her garden and has bloomed nicely in full sun and a healthy dose of Arkansas heat. While Jamie is an expert plant care provider, experienced gardeners, beginning gardeners and everyone in between should feel at ease with caring for Mother-In-Law’s Tongue plants. Busy lives seem only to be getting busier. For the busiest of us all, these plants are simple and hardly time-consuming, in other words, perfect houseplants!

Snake Plant Bloom.jpg Buy Sansevieria For Your Garden!

Do I Have A Chilean Visitor? Is This A Chilean Bellflower?

Ask the Expert: What is this plant in my backyard? I have a plant growing in my backyard that has grown out of nowhere. It stands about 6 feet tall and has bright pinkish-red berries. My dog has access to this plant and he has a tendency to eat random things. I would like to know what it is and if it is dangerous. J petry

Possible Lapageria rosea Possible Chilean Bellflower

I think you might have a Lapageria rosea or Chilean Bellflower. Your description sounds [Read more…]

Deer, Deer Go Away and Let Me Kept My Flowers One More Day

Ask the Expert: In our small town we have a problem with deer. Each section of town seems to have it’s own herd. They eat all our fir trees and now eat tomatoes plants,green peppers and even marigolds. We have tried different ways to keep them away.ie. human hair different sprays and nothing seems to work. Any suggestion?Please contact me if you can help. Thanks Judie

Will Lucky Bamboo Harm FIDO?

ask the expert

I was wandering if Lucky Bamboo plants are harmful to cats & dogs? My co worker is looking in purchasing one.

Easter Lillies and Cats Do They Mix?

“The National Animal Poison Control Center says that certain types of lilies can cause renal failure in cats that have ingested any part of the lily. Flower Shop Network recommends keeping lilies out of the reach of cats. It is important to note that lilies do not pose a problem for other pets or humans.”