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Boy, Do I Have An Anniversary Gift Idea For You!

Flowers are pretty standard as far as anniversary gifts go, but this year why not bump it up a notch? Instead of picking out a standard bouquet for your anniversary, flowers that were in her wedding bouquet add a wonderful dimension of sincerity and romance. Now while it’s not a good idea to deconstruct or  necessarily reconstruct her original wedding bouquet, ask your local florist to use the type of flowers that were in her bouquet in an anniversary arrangement.

Score major points with this idea.

Can’t remember what flowers were in her bouquet? If you’re like most guys, you probably don’t remember what was in her bouquet and had probably all but forgotten that she carried one. No worries. I’ve got you covered.

She could probably tell you but asking her defeats the purpose of being a sneaky romantic. Instead, peer through the wedding photos for a picture of her with the wedding bouquet. Your florist can use this to determine which flowers played the largest part in the ensemble. Make sure it’s a clear picture though.  Plus, be even sneakier by getting the photo during a “baby, take a look at what I just found” evening. You’ll score even more points with her for wanting to relive the day by going through the photo album together! Go you!

Happy anniversary! Don’t forget to stop back by and let us know how it turned out!

Anniversary Card Messages That Will Rock His/Her World


One of my favorite days of the year is my anniversary. Flowers and gifts mean a lot, but having been blessed with another year with my sweetheart is what truly touches my heart. However, it’s very clear that showing up empty-handed to a wedding anniversary celebration is not going to go over well. We spend all year together so anniversary gifts-at least to me and several million other women-are excellent ways to make us feel special for all that we do. It’s how we express emotion and how we wish to receive it. One of the most traditional and widely appreciated anniversary gifts is the gift of anniversary flowers. Card messages with sweet words of love and affection make the gesture even more special.

When it’s time to say “I love you” to your sweetheart, you want to give a special gift that lets him or her know how valued they are. Anniversary gifts such as romantic flower bouquets are always a big hit. It’s when you get to the card message that the dilemma hits. Whether verbose and poetic or suffering from writer’s block, you know that anniversary card messages are very important. They can make or break the occasion. When you’re sending flowers this year, consider these 50 ways to express the “L” word. With the help of local florists, these are the 50 best anniversary card messages for your sweetie.

They Will Love These Anniversary Card Messages

1)       After all this time, you are still amazing to me. Happy Anniversary

2)       Happy Anniversary to my very best friend.

3)       Thinking of you both and wishing you all happiness as you celebrate the joys your marriage has brought. May your special day bring you many loving moments to share; moments you’ll remember long after the day has passed.

4)       The love so evident in your marriage is a treasure to many, a sign of hope and possibility to all who know you. May your love continue to inspire others shining brightly for years to come. Congratulations.

5)       In your smiles, all the warmth and fun, all the gentleness and joy of a cherished friendship. In your hearts, all the closeness and care, all the tenderness and devotion of a lifetime romance. In your marriage, all the harmony and hope, all the power and promise of a love that grows ever stronger and more beautiful with the passing years. Congratulations.

6)       May all the memories you have saved since your wedding day and all the complimentary things your friends and family say make this a very special time you’ll want to last forever–A lovely way to celebrate the life you’ve built together.

7)       Happy 1st Anniversary. Looks like marriage really agrees with you two!

8)       Happy First Anniversary. May every year you share find you still more in love with each other.

9)       Love makes life sweeter in so many ways. Wishing many more years of sweetness to a couple who deserves only the best!

10)   A wish on your first anniversary that all your days together may be touched with lasting love.

11)   Our first year of marriage… Three hundred sixty-five days of sharing and blending our lives together…Fifty-two weeks of learning new and wonderful things about each other…Twelve months of tenderness and sweet surprises…You’ve given me one incredible year of warm, caring love that has made every single day a beautiful dream come true. I Love You. Happy Anniversary

12)   Celebrating Your 10th Anniversary. Ten years of marriage and happiness together, of watching dreams come true, and making lasting memories. Ten years of sharing love, trust, and understanding. Happy Anniversary

13)   Your tenth anniversary is a special time – a day to celebrate the memories you’ve made, the things you’ve learned, the love that promises to bring you so many more years of joy.

14)   Two decades together! That’s truly a milestone of loving commitment, affection, and care. May this be a day of sweet moments, warm memories, and wonderful hopes for the future you’ll share. Happy 20th Anniversary.

15)   Happy 20th Anniversary. May the cherished memories of the twenty years you have shared make this anniversary a wonderful celebration. Congratulations.

16)   Congratulations on twenty-five years of living and loving, of family and friends, of hopes and dreams, of moments and memories.

17)   On Your 25th Anniversary. May every silver memory bring you happiness. Congratulations.

18)   With Love on Our Silver Anniversary. Through all these years we’ve learned to share what life has brought our way, and we have learned to care still more with every passing day. And through the years that lie ahead, how happy life will be as long as I know I have you to share each day with me. Happy Anniversary.

19)   For forty years of love, joy, sharing, caring and commitment, family and friends, hopes, and dreams.

20)   Celebrating 50 Golden Years Together. Count your anniversaries not by years alone, but by the golden moments and the happy times you’ve known, by memories of plans you’ve made and dreams you’ve seen come true. Count your anniversaries by blessings shared by two. Congratulations.

21)   50 years ago, God created a beautiful partnership. Today is a celebration of His love and yours. Happy Anniversary.

22)   On Your 50th Wedding Anniversary. “With love” is just a little phrase that’s often used, it’s true, but never more sincerely than in this card for you. Thoughts and memories much too dear for words to ever say prompt this special wish that comes with love to you today.

23)   May all the happy memories you treasure and all the dreams that you have seen come true make this, your Golden Wedding Anniversary, a truly perfect day for both of you. Congratulations.

24)   Happy moments…Happy memories…Happy Anniversary!

25)   May this be the happy beginning of another wonderful year together.

Want to view all 50 anniversary enclosure card messages? Go right ahead but be sure to tell us what you think!

Don’t Laugh–This Is A Great Anniversary Flower Idea

I say don’t laugh only because I chuckled when I first heard this idea. I’m not the romantic sort but still find this idea a rather fun anniversary celebration. It’s definitely unforgettable. This year, surprise her on horseback.

That’s right. Become her Prince Charming for a day.

There are many ways to go about this anniversary surprise. No matter which you choose or play off of, don’t forget the hand-tied bouquet from your local florist. You’ll be surprised how big a part these anniversary flowers will play in these ideas.

The Country Girl: Anniversary Gift

Perhaps you’ve got a special location in the outdoors that you and your girlfriend/wife frequent. Maybe you’ve forgotten about it for a while. Wipe away the dust in her memory with a romantic horseback ride to that place. Remember to help her down from her steed then offer your arm as you guide her to a perfectly prepared picnic.  Let a single rose mark the area where she is to sit.

The City Girl: Anniversary Gift

The city girl can be pleased in a couple ways but the easiest is to hire a horse-drawn carriage to escort you to your destination for the evening. Imagine arriving at an elegant restaurant in a horse-drawn carriage. Consider how pleasant the night will be as you glide through the park like a queen and king. She’ll love it. Since she can’t take the horse home, present her with a beautiful bouquet or corsage that she can use as a keepsake after the night is through.

The Rodeo Queen: Anniversary Gift

She’s comfortable on horses and probably isn’t that impressed by a guy’s ability to ride. After all, it’s expected like any other second-nature ability. To impress the rodeo queen, take her on a fun ride through an adventurous trail. Perhaps take her to the rodeo or a professional bull ride. She’ll love the spirit in it. You’ll both probably be sore after a wild day out so offer a back rub and hot bath when you return home. Surprise the tender side of her by placing rose petals or tulip petals around the tub and bed.

The Daydreamer: Anniversary Gift

She’s read about it in books. She grew up with fairy tale notions of the prince that will sweep her off of her feet. That romantic lad was you. Make her feel like a princess again with the most traditional, fairy-tale fantasy that you can create. For example, rent a prince costume, preferably not from the same place that you rent the horse.  Ride to her place of work, favorite location, or ask her to meet you outside of a nice restaurant. (Check dress requirements with the maitre’d.) Present her with a corsage if dining or a bouquet if not. She’ll love this treat and will be thrilled to show you off to her friends.

An Anniversary Surprise For The Old School Romantic

Not For The Faint of Heart

I’m a huge fan of classic movies. I’m a little put out by the cheesy “Casablanca”-esque dates but I still swoon over a sweet surprise every now and again. Little stuff like remembering my favorite flower goes a long way. I long for the days far prefacing my birth where chivalry was the mark of a gentleman and a courtly kiss was the diary’s hot entry. *sigh* If you or your sweetie are anything like me, try this cool idea for an anniversary celebration.

Let the car run out of gas. You read that right. Perhaps let it run low or keep a spare jug in the trunk but make your lady/fellow believe that you’ve run out of gas. I know, I know. It seems dated and lacking in creativity but it’s really not! This is a great way to surprise her with something unexpected. It shows your romantic side which scores major points with other romantic people. Even the hard hearted go soft for someone who puts this much effort into celebrating their relationship.

Prepare a small meal and either have it waiting nearby or in the trunk. This is where it’s helpful to note that you probably should not store extra gas and food in the same trunk. *smile* Perhaps come an hour or two before your date is scheduled and make the arrangements.

Remember to make this about you two. Dance under the starlight. Enjoy a candlelit dinner and a bottle of wine on a blanket under the stars. Present her with a corsage, a bouquet, or the cork from the bottle of wine. Wear a boutonniere of her favorite flower. There are many ways to make it special and unique to just the two of you. Whatever you choose, this is a great anniversary idea because it will be just the two of you.

Keep these things in mind

when planning your “out of gas” anniversary date:

  • Make sure the location is secluded enough that the preparations will be safe until your return
  • If the location is private property, get it cleared with the landowner first
  • If the location is public such as a park or main highway, consult with the authorities (park ranger, local authorities, facilities manager) so that nothing spoils the night
  • Bring spare gas if you plan to actually run out
  • Don’t forget to pick up a bouquet of anniversary flowers from your local florist

Are Memorial Flowers Appropriate For This Occasion?

Question: My grandfather passed away six months ago and his and grandmothers wedding anniversary is coming up.  He always sent flowers to her on her anniversary.  Would it be proper for me to send her flowers on their anniversary date?

Brynn’s Response: First, my condolences on the loss of your grandfather. It is very sweet of you to want to comfort your grandmother in this way. She is very lucky to have such caring people in her life.

Flower etiquette for this occasion is a bit of a gray area. The deciding factor is the personality of the recipient. Sending anniversary flowers after your grandfather’s passing is a reminder of your grandfather and the many sweet times that he sent flowers. If your grandmother would be comforted by this, by all means send flowers. If this would be a bittersweet or sad memory, do not.

Most women and even many men would be comforted by receiving flowers in remembrance of a loved one. Memorial flowers are often sent with cards that explain the reason for the flowers and a brief message of encouragement. Some examples are:

  • Just thought you could use a little extra sunshine today.
  • May the peace which comes from the memories of love shared comfort you now and in the days ahead.
  • It will be the little things that you will remember: the quiet moments, the smiles, and the laughter.
  • May the care of friends bring you comfort and loving memories heal your heart.
  • Praying for friends to comfort you, faith to uphold you, and loving memories to help you smile again.

“In memory of” is another popular phrase that helps the recipient understand the reason for the flowers. More personal messages can also be offered. Just remember to say to your grandmother what you would say to her if you were with her in person. Would you hug her and tell her that you wanted her to remember something nice that grandpa did? These are the kinds of things that should be on the card.

How Flowers Can Make This Her Favorite Anniversary Yet

Flowers are very traditional gifts for anniversaries. However, it’s easy to become jaded to the same gift after several years or even a few other small anniversaries. Flowers are one of those tried-and-true gifts that always please, but even they can use an edgy pick me up sometimes. Here’s a great idea for making this year’s gift of anniversary flowers her favorite yet!

Do you know her favorite flower yet?

If you answered “no,” now’s the time to ask! This year learn her favorite flower. Plant a small garden or window box from seed or bulb. I would totally flip if my honey did this for me. It shows effort because the person planting the seed has to discover the type of flower, get all of the products, plant the flowers, then surprise me with it. Wow!

It gets better.

This is where flower delivery from a local florist comes in handy. Have your florist deliver an arrangement of the same type of flower. This is a great gift because it gives her something to enjoy that she already loves until she’s able to reap the fruits of your labor.

The card is the fun part. There are a couple ways to give a unique card if you use a packet of seeds when planting the flowers. You could ask your florist to slip the enclosure card into the empty packet of seeds. Another idea is to put the packet inside of a standard greeting card. Both the card (greeting or enclosure) and the packet become mementos for the recipient. How sweet!

All of the seemingly laborious effort put into this idea makes it easy for your sweetheart to appreciate this gift. Plus, it’s a win-win for you because you get to team up with your local florist so it’s not that much work at all. I know you’ll love this idea. Let me know how it turns out! Happy Anniversary!

Taking A Romantic Trip? Don’t Forget The Flowers!

It’s actually pretty common to take a romantic vacation for an anniversary but forget to pick up contact information for the local florists. However, Flower Shop Network is your help away from home when you find yourself in this situation.

Picture it. You find a luxury hotel resort and book a room. You step inside the doorway with your sweetheart and everything is gorgeous but one thing is missing — the flowers. Something just seems off, perhaps even a bit bleak compared to what you were expecting.

Now picture this scenario but imagine the room filled with fragrant flowers instead. Rose petals strewn across the bed and around a jacuzzi instantly stand out. A beautiful arrangement of anniversary flowers resides on a table next to the anniversary gift that you know will be a hit.

All of these and many other creative options are available thanks to a local florist. They are the away from home contacts that every romantic traveler needs to have. This is where Flower Shop Network makes it easy for you to quickly and easily find a florist in your area.

It is also helpful to ask that florist to contact the hotel management with ideas for decorating the hotel room. For instance, the florist and management can team up to create a fabulous atmosphere that really stands out. When your sweetheart enters the room, the first sights are of the rose petals strewn across the bed, flowers on the nightstand, candles and gifts surrounding the jacuzzi, and a scented gift basket resting in the counter for a soothing bath or massage. Such a romantic atmosphere awaits the two of you just thanks to the partnership between you, a local florist and the hotel manager.

It’s really that easy to design an impressive evening! Make the evening as perfect as possible. When this requires flowers (and it always does), be prepared thanks to help from a local florist.

Say Aloha To Your Next Anniversary Idea

A luau theme is never a bad idea for a party. When it’s just a party of two celebrating an anniversary, a luau is a fresh and inventive way to work flowers into the occasion.

Women here are, per cultural upbringing, inclined to expect flowers for a special occasion. Anniversaries are major occasions when flowers are just expected to appear before us with a sweet card from our fellows. While traditional anniversary arrangements and bouquets are great, sometimes a little extra effort is more highly regarded. After hitting some of the milestone markers in a marriage such as 20 or 25 years, women also expect the gifts to be bigger and better as a special reward for dedication and commitment.

Take Me To The Tropics

Take Me To The Tropics

It’s in those moments when we want to do bigger and better for our sweethearts that a private luau seems to hit the spot. For your anniversary this year, rent a hotel room or turn the master bedroom into a little slice of Hawaii. Present her with a lei when she enters the room. Make sure that petals of tropical flowers are strewn across the room, especially around the table where a romantic dinner or anniversary gift awaits.

The cuisine is up to you. It’s nice to research some simple Hawaiian food recipes, but don’t be afraid if you don’t feel up to roasting your own pig in the ground. The decorations are easy to acquire. Local party supplies stores will have many of the things that will get your evening started on the right foot. Be as elaborate or understated as you want but make sure that the evening starts and ends with tropical flowers. It’s a unique gift that your honey will love.

It is very important to note that florists need more time to acquire tropical flowers, especially during the winter months. A quick call to your local florist will be very helpful. He or she might even have a cute idea to add to your evening! Once the flowers are arranged and the night has begun, your sweetheart will be lost to your charms.

Good luck topping it next year.

The December Anniversary Gift That Will Outdo Them All

Remind your sweetheart of your Perfect Love

Remind your sweetheart of your Perfect Love

Many people see it as kind of a bad thing to have an anniversary in December. With the holidays in full force and so many people strapped for cash from holiday shopping, it gets tough to give someone a gift and not automatically call it an “early Christmas gift.” And for those with a Christmas or Christmas Eve anniversary, my condolences but this great gift idea will help you too!

Want something quirky and creative? Carolers are popular around Christmas time. What if you convinced her to open the door to some carolers only to present her with a singing telegram! How fun! If the singing courier brought chocolates and romantic anniversary flowers to present to her, you’d be set for the evening!

While this approach is a bit non-traditional, that’s what is so great about it. Just think about how fun it would be to expect to hear “The Little Drummer Boy” but to be treated to a special serenade instead. I know that I’d chuckle and then instantly become putty in my honey’s hands. It’s hard to top something that creative.

Want something a bit more traditional but still special? I’ve seen many homemade ornaments in my time and especially love the clear or translucent ones that contain something on the inside. Dangle a piece of jewelry such as earrings, a necklace, a bracelet or even an engagement ring (big ornament) inside of an ornament. Hang this ornament from the tree. She’ll never think that her anniversary gift is hiding in plain sight!

Another good idea is to have your local florist attach the ornament to a ribbon and make a colorful bow around a vase of romantic anniversary flowers. Not only is it colorful and romantic, but it’s also unique and special. She’ll love it!

Florists Have The Perfect Gift For November Anniversaries

A Dozen Roses--The Classic Anniversary Gift!

A Dozen Roses--The Classic Anniversary Gift!

Ah, the month of November. Love is in bloom as fall shifts into high gear. Gift ideas for November anniversaries aren’t always so full and free. For the guy or gal who, like my parents, celebrate a November anniversary, try this romantic gift idea.

What woman doesn’t enjoy being pampered? It’s very rare that a hardworking mother, doting wife, or sweet girlfriend would pass up the opportunity for a romantic evening of spa treatment complete with a massage and warm bubble bath.

Wondering how your local florist can make the night better? Imagine the look on your sweetheart’s face as she is led into a beautiful room elegantly decorated with candles, soft music and chocolates. An exquisite arrangement of anniversary flowers sits in view with a charming “I love you” card nestled inside the blooms. Rose petals are strewn about for an extra romantic touch. As she wonders how you made this happen and coos sweet words in your ear, you silently thank the florists at your local flower shop for creating the arrangement and supplying the other romantic gifts.

Ladies, this ideas is great for men also! What hard-working husband could be anything but enamored by the charming lady who made his special night possible?

An extra tip–anniversary flower arrangements go far but contact your local florist for deals on roses past their prime. Scattering these petals is the perfect beautiful and romantic touch for your anniversary!