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Anniversary Gift Guide

Make this anniversary one to remember and celebrate the love of your relationship with a beautiful gift that will make them smile! Not sure what to get? No worries! We’ve got just the thing: [Read more…]

7 Gifts to Send with Flowers

Flowers are a great gift but sometimes you might want something to go with them. Some of these suggestions may seem like no-brainers, but there’s always a way to put a spin on an old classic. Many florists also carry gift items, so chances are you won’t have to go far to find these. If your florist doesn’t carry gift items, ask them if it’s okay for you to include a little something extra to go with your flower arrangement. [Read more…]

Need To Send Birthday or Anniversary Flowers To A Teacher?

"Lavender Love" Anniversary Flowers

"Lavender Love" Anniversary Flowers

You’re in luck if you haven’t been able to think of a way to send anniversary flowers to the teacher who stole your heart. Whether in the prime of dating or in the heart of marriage, this is a great way to show your love to your favorite teacher.

Involve her students.

This can be done in several ways. All are guaranteed to steal her heart and send a blush to her cheeks (if she’s the blushing type). Plus, it will give her students a much-wanted break from the curriculum for a few minutes. That’s long enough to make them love you too. Here’s how to do it. You can do all of these, one, or a combination, but the effort will definitely pay off.

  1. Have her called away to the office for something while another teacher or an aide watches her class. Then bring in the flowers that you bought from your local florist. When she returns, have the children say “Happy Anniversary” as as you present her with the flowers.
  2. Put “Happy Anniversary from me and the gang in *her class number*” or a similar message on the enclosure card sent with your flowers. Your local florist will have some creative ideas if you get stuck thinking of a cute card message. (Want ideas? Try these anniversary enclosure card messages.)
  3. Have an aide announce to the class that they are to say “Happy Anniversary” when the florist delivers the teacher’s flowers. Make sure she does this inconspicuously. This surprise may require calling the school for permission to have the florist deliver flowers directly to the teacher’s room. (Usually they’re taken to the office.)
  4. Surprise her during lunch. Once she’s thoroughly surprised, have the children at her class’ table say “Happy Anniversary”

Don’t forget that these can be substituted for birthday as well so have fun and be creative! Don’t forget to return to the Bloomin’ Blog and let us know how your anniversary surprise turned out!

An Anniversary Flowers Idea For The Creative Type

As you probably know, most flowers are associated with a particular meaning. For instance, the flower meaning of red roses is “passionate love.” Forget-me-nots are a rather obvious one, “remember me forever.” Ginger is associate with being proud. Sweetpea is associated with shyness. There are tons of flowers associated with a particular meaning which comes in very handy when you need a unique anniversary gift.

For the creative type this year, write a poem for your sweetheart. It can’t just be any poem though. Make this one special to your beloved, unique to his/her personality, and include a few flower meanings that are associated with his/her disposition. When you get ready to buy anniversary flowers for your love, simply ask the florist to use a mix of those flowers only or a pretty blend that is predominantly one kind; the one with a meaning that best reflects her uniqueness.

If you’re not the creative type, I’ll help you out by giving you an anniversary flower arrangement idea. I’m sure I’d love your sweetheart but since I do not know her/him, I’ll make this example about me and my beau. If you have a different personality type in mind, simply view Flower Shop Network’s list of flower meanings and pick out the ones that mean the most to you. Here goes!

Anniversary Flowers For A Woman

My personality is very distinctive. I am very open, blunt and slightly opinionated. I am very thoughtful, analytical and intelligent. I am perky around people and completely quiet when left to myself. For a personality like this, try:

  • Pansy (loving thoughts)
  • Larkspur (beautiful spirit)
  • Freesia (spirited)
  • Yellow tulips (hopelessly in love) — a reflection of your feelings for her

Anniversary Flowers For A Man

My sweetheart’s personality is very complimentary but different. He is very reserved, cautious and protective. He doesn’t brood on things as I do but he is able to assess a situation. His entire world is wrapped around being with his family and providing for them. His personal hobbies are a little young for his age but that’s only because he works harder than anyone his age should have to.  For a personality like his, try:

  • Lilac (first love) — he is mine, this may be appropriate for you as well
  • Black-eyed susan (encouragement)
  • Pink carnations (gratitude) — for everything he does selflessly
  • Gardenia (joy)
  • Ginger (proud) — because you’re proud of him
  • Passion flower (passion) — a reflection of your feelings for him

If these do not strike a chord with you, view Flower Shop Network’s list of flower meanings or visit FSN’s flower dictionary to discover other unique things about these flowers.

What Flowers Are Good For A July Anniversary?

"Fall Flirtations" July Anniversary Flowers

"Fall Flirtations" July Anniversary Flowers

Escape the traditional. While roses are pretty, there are a lot of ways to make it unique and special. A dozen roses? Sweet but doesn’t quite cut it. First, consider her favorite flowers. Does she like daisies? Is she more of a premium flower person (stargazer lilies, tulips, roses, etc)? This will help you narrow down the options to discuss with your florist.

If you’re not completely sure what she likes, contact your local florist. Some guys can find out her favorite flower in really covert ways. Others aren’t so sneaky. If subterfuge isn’t on your resume, go to your local florist instead. They’re awesome with figuring out what’s best for YOUR sweetheart.

Next, consider that it’s July. Summer flowers are in full bloom. Not really sure which flowers are summer flowers? Examples of summer flowers are amaranthus, aster, carnations (year-round bloomers), gladiolus, freesia, heather, hydrangea and iris. Your local florist will know which flowers are readily available and which are available at a premium price. All you have to do is ask!

As important as the type of flowers is the style of anniversary flowers you choose. Your sweetheart has a very unique personality which is why it’s important to discuss this with your local florist. If your sweetie is a modern woman with contemporary taste, opt for contemporary anniversary flowers arranged using the latest trendy design techniques. If she is traditional and simple, go with the flow. Opt for anniversary flowers of a more traditional nature.

Once you’ve figured out the style she’ll like and the type of flowers, you’re ready to talk to your local florist! Even if this information escapes you, there is no better place to turn for help. Anniversary flowers are special just like your relationship so make it a big deal with help from your local florist!

Rock Out With This Anniversary Flowers Idea

If you’re anything like me, concerts are a home away from home. Since the summer is concert season, surprise your wife or girlfriend on your anniversary with tickets to an upcoming concert of one of her favorite artists. It’s very sweet to bring flowers also, not to mention traditional. Even a non-traditional girl will be caught off guard in a good way by the uniqueness of such a romantic gift. Here are some other ideas for incorporating rock concert tickets (or country, jazz, et al) and anniversary flowers into one rockin’ evening.

Tips for Presenting The Tickets With Her Anniversary Flowers:

  • Send flowers on your anniversary date but ask your local florist to incorporate the tickets and the theme of the evening into the design.
  • Arrive on the doorstep with a beautiful bouquet of anniversary flowers, tickets behind your back. Even if you’re used to walking in, ring the doorbell or knock but make sure that she has to answer. She’ll be awed when she sees you standing there holding a gift. She’ll be even more surprised when you reveal the tickets!
  • If the concert is after your anniversary, keep your ticket stub(s). Ask your local florist to put the ticket stubs in the envelope along with the enclosure card. A sweet anniversary enclosure card message ties it all together.
  • At dinner before the show, excuse yourself and discreetly sneak out to your car. From here, place a bouquet of anniversary flowers in her seat along with the tickets. (You can keep it hidden in the backseat or in the trunk but only briefly!!) When you leave, open her door for her. This gentlemanly treat becomes more special when she sees the tickets and the anniversary flowers.
  • At dinner, ask the maitre d’ or your waiter/waitress to deliver the anniversary flowers to your table before the end of dinner. This may require a pre-call to make sure that the staff will agree. It may also require a bigger tip but it will be well worth it to see her face!
  • Any of the above ideas will work, just remember to give her plenty of time to prepare for a rocking night out if the tickets are a surprise.

Now you’re ready for a great show and a great anniversary!

Boy, Do I Have An Anniversary Gift Idea For You!

Flowers are pretty standard as far as anniversary gifts go, but this year why not bump it up a notch? Instead of picking out a standard bouquet for your anniversary, flowers that were in her wedding bouquet add a wonderful dimension of sincerity and romance. Now while it’s not a good idea to deconstruct or  necessarily reconstruct her original wedding bouquet, ask your local florist to use the type of flowers that were in her bouquet in an anniversary arrangement.

Score major points with this idea.

Can’t remember what flowers were in her bouquet? If you’re like most guys, you probably don’t remember what was in her bouquet and had probably all but forgotten that she carried one. No worries. I’ve got you covered.

She could probably tell you but asking her defeats the purpose of being a sneaky romantic. Instead, peer through the wedding photos for a picture of her with the wedding bouquet. Your florist can use this to determine which flowers played the largest part in the ensemble. Make sure it’s a clear picture though.  Plus, be even sneakier by getting the photo during a “baby, take a look at what I just found” evening. You’ll score even more points with her for wanting to relive the day by going through the photo album together! Go you!

Happy anniversary! Don’t forget to stop back by and let us know how it turned out!

Are Memorial Flowers Appropriate For This Occasion?

Question: My grandfather passed away six months ago and his and grandmothers wedding anniversary is coming up.  He always sent flowers to her on her anniversary.  Would it be proper for me to send her flowers on their anniversary date?

Brynn’s Response: First, my condolences on the loss of your grandfather. It is very sweet of you to want to comfort your grandmother in this way. She is very lucky to have such caring people in her life.

Flower etiquette for this occasion is a bit of a gray area. The deciding factor is the personality of the recipient. Sending anniversary flowers after your grandfather’s passing is a reminder of your grandfather and the many sweet times that he sent flowers. If your grandmother would be comforted by this, by all means send flowers. If this would be a bittersweet or sad memory, do not.

Most women and even many men would be comforted by receiving flowers in remembrance of a loved one. Memorial flowers are often sent with cards that explain the reason for the flowers and a brief message of encouragement. Some examples are:

  • Just thought you could use a little extra sunshine today.
  • May the peace which comes from the memories of love shared comfort you now and in the days ahead.
  • It will be the little things that you will remember: the quiet moments, the smiles, and the laughter.
  • May the care of friends bring you comfort and loving memories heal your heart.
  • Praying for friends to comfort you, faith to uphold you, and loving memories to help you smile again.

“In memory of” is another popular phrase that helps the recipient understand the reason for the flowers. More personal messages can also be offered. Just remember to say to your grandmother what you would say to her if you were with her in person. Would you hug her and tell her that you wanted her to remember something nice that grandpa did? These are the kinds of things that should be on the card.

How Flowers Can Make This Her Favorite Anniversary Yet

Flowers are very traditional gifts for anniversaries. However, it’s easy to become jaded to the same gift after several years or even a few other small anniversaries. Flowers are one of those tried-and-true gifts that always please, but even they can use an edgy pick me up sometimes. Here’s a great idea for making this year’s gift of anniversary flowers her favorite yet!

Do you know her favorite flower yet?

If you answered “no,” now’s the time to ask! This year learn her favorite flower. Plant a small garden or window box from seed or bulb. I would totally flip if my honey did this for me. It shows effort because the person planting the seed has to discover the type of flower, get all of the products, plant the flowers, then surprise me with it. Wow!

It gets better.

This is where flower delivery from a local florist comes in handy. Have your florist deliver an arrangement of the same type of flower. This is a great gift because it gives her something to enjoy that she already loves until she’s able to reap the fruits of your labor.

The card is the fun part. There are a couple ways to give a unique card if you use a packet of seeds when planting the flowers. You could ask your florist to slip the enclosure card into the empty packet of seeds. Another idea is to put the packet inside of a standard greeting card. Both the card (greeting or enclosure) and the packet become mementos for the recipient. How sweet!

All of the seemingly laborious effort put into this idea makes it easy for your sweetheart to appreciate this gift. Plus, it’s a win-win for you because you get to team up with your local florist so it’s not that much work at all. I know you’ll love this idea. Let me know how it turns out! Happy Anniversary!

Taking A Romantic Trip? Don’t Forget The Flowers!

It’s actually pretty common to take a romantic vacation for an anniversary but forget to pick up contact information for the local florists. However, Flower Shop Network is your help away from home when you find yourself in this situation.

Picture it. You find a luxury hotel resort and book a room. You step inside the doorway with your sweetheart and everything is gorgeous but one thing is missing — the flowers. Something just seems off, perhaps even a bit bleak compared to what you were expecting.

Now picture this scenario but imagine the room filled with fragrant flowers instead. Rose petals strewn across the bed and around a jacuzzi instantly stand out. A beautiful arrangement of anniversary flowers resides on a table next to the anniversary gift that you know will be a hit.

All of these and many other creative options are available thanks to a local florist. They are the away from home contacts that every romantic traveler needs to have. This is where Flower Shop Network makes it easy for you to quickly and easily find a florist in your area.

It is also helpful to ask that florist to contact the hotel management with ideas for decorating the hotel room. For instance, the florist and management can team up to create a fabulous atmosphere that really stands out. When your sweetheart enters the room, the first sights are of the rose petals strewn across the bed, flowers on the nightstand, candles and gifts surrounding the jacuzzi, and a scented gift basket resting in the counter for a soothing bath or massage. Such a romantic atmosphere awaits the two of you just thanks to the partnership between you, a local florist and the hotel manager.

It’s really that easy to design an impressive evening! Make the evening as perfect as possible. When this requires flowers (and it always does), be prepared thanks to help from a local florist.