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Suggest an Article: Florists Honoring the Arizona Hotshots

Florists are amazing people, and if any of us ever forget that fact, this story should serve as a powerful reminder. This week’s suggest an article comes from Rakini Chinery of Allan’s Flowers & Prescott Valley Florist!

In order to get to the heart-warming story of local florists banding together to do something selfless and beautiful, we first have to recount a terrible tragedy.

This past June, 19 members of the Granite Mountain Hotshots lost their lives while battling an Arizona wildfire. These brave individuals died serving and protecting their community, keeping it safe from harm.Hotshot Memorial Team

In an overwhelming response to this horrific event, the floral community in Arizona clamored to do their part to honor the noble sacrifice of these fallen heroes. Over 30 Arizona florists donated both their time and their talents to arranging and sculpting flowers provided by contributions from wholesalers for the Hotshot Memorial Service.

These tireless florists worked hard for three full days to do what they do best: provide artistic beauty and love in an effort to provide whatever comfort could be found for the inconsolable family and friends of those who were lost.

I hope you will join me in sending a heartfelt “Thank You” to the Arizona florists who did all they could for those who died so tragically on that fateful June day. It is that giving spirit which does the floral community proud. Good job, folks!

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High Fun and High Design With Hydrangeas

Baby Pink Hydrangea Bridal Bouquet

Pink Hydrangea Bridal Bouquet

Hydrangeas are the true definition of mass flowers. It’s easy to see why hydrangeas have received such a recent boost in popularity. These versatile blooms appear to be bursting at the stems with colorful blossoms that can appear in purple, hot pink, green, blue, white, multicolored and more.

This very full appearance makes hydrangeas the first choice of many floral designers looking to add mass and dimension but lack the time or budget to use many stems. Because of this, a single stem can easily take the place of many other focal flowers. Who doesn’t want more bang for their buck?

Tony Medlock of PJ’s Flowers and Gifts knows this design tip well. One of the talented florists in Phoenix, Arizona, Tony understands that hydrangeas are the star of the show and need little extra for a beautiful flower arrangement. Many of his creative hydrangea arrangements focus on the dynamic presence of the hydrangeas. This larger-than-life quality coupled with simple floral accessories gives the hydrangea arrangements an architectural significance matched by few other flowers.

Blue Hydrangea Blooms

Blue Hydrangea Blooms

Hydrangeas also are such a quality mass flower that the attention is easily diverted to the flower itself regardless of how ornate or simple the adorning decorations appear. A simple cluster of hydrangea stems can easily be carried as a beautiful wedding bouquet, used as a quick and simple table centerpiece, or accented by peonies or roses for a large, decorative flower arrangement.

Stems of hydrangeas can also be purchased from local florists for a wide variety of creative uses around the home such as decorating around a Jacuzzi tub for a romantic anniversary celebration. Whatever the use, hydrangeas offer the perfect balance of beauty and boldness for every occasion.

Sunny Phoenix Hosts The 2008 ASFA Expo

Who doesn’t want to have a reason to visit sunny, entertaining Phoenix, Arizona? Florists are gathering this year at the Black Canyon Conference Center for the Arizona State Florists Association 2008 Expo to be held July 27, 2008. Arizona florists have the perfect opportunity to network while welcoming other florists to their wonderful state! ASFA members have worked to ensure a fantastic schedule for this year’s one day expo. From beginning to closing there is something entertaining and educational happening. Thankfully for traveling florists, the Conference Center is located in front of a Marriott Courtyard for florists to catch their breath after an exciting and busy day. There is no shortage of good reasons to visit the 2008 ASFA EXPO so get to it!